Remains of the Day: What Happened Val?!?

(Images courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

Val Kilmer appears to be beefing up to play the lead in the Perez Hilton biopic. [WWTDD]

Paris Hilton proudly told Larry King she voted in the presidential election… last year. When she isn’t busy voting in non-existing elections, she’s at the beach showing her nipples. NSFW. [CNW]

Is Courtney Love hanging around a plastic surgeon’s office looking haggard? That’s something you don’t see everyday. [TMZ]

Avril Lavigne showed her punk side during a recent concert as shebelted out a cover of System of a Down’s scary “Chop Suey.” [CW]

Naomi Campbell scored an unexpected new gig as the star of an upcoming Dunkin Donuts ad. [WLC]

How many regrettable tattoos can one person have? Let’s ask Megan Fox. [JIYH]

Check out the wicked-pissah trailah to the Ben Affleck-directed film “Gone Baby Gone.” It was filmed in my city, holla! [Popoholic]