Remains of the Day: What Happened Val?!?

July 17th, 2007 // 3 Comments

(Images courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

Val Kilmer appears to be beefing up to play the lead in the Perez Hilton biopic. [WWTDD]

Paris Hilton proudly told Larry King she voted in the presidential election… last year. When she isn’t busy voting in non-existing elections, she’s at the beach showing her nipples. NSFW. [CNW]

Is Courtney Love hanging around a plastic surgeon’s office looking haggard? That’s something you don’t see everyday. [TMZ]

Avril Lavigne showed her punk side during a recent concert as shebelted out a cover of System of a Down’s scary “Chop Suey.” [CW]

Naomi Campbell scored an unexpected new gig as the star of an upcoming Dunkin Donuts ad. [WLC]

How many regrettable tattoos can one person have? Let’s ask Megan Fox. [JIYH]

Check out the wicked-pissah trailah to the Ben Affleck-directed film “Gone Baby Gone.” It was filmed in my city, holla! [Popoholic]


  1. Zekers

    Good line Alyk! Really! He went from young stud to old fat dud.

  2. Diva Mom

    Best Perez Hilton slam ever! You now have my undying loyalty!

  3. huh

    Todays stars are getting lazier and lazier. They aren’t respecting the profession they are in. What a shame.

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