Reichen VS. Perez Round One

Lance’s boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl has a posted a “From The Horse’s Mouth” blog entry on his MySpace page calling Perez Hilton, among other things, an “ugly wind-bag.” has the dish:

Reichen says that Perez’s report that he made out without someone other than Bass at a party is a “blantant lie” [sic], and that Perez erroneously reported that the former *NSYNCer and “Amazing Race” winner had broken up. “Contrary to what this ugly wind-bag has reported, I have not broken up with my boyfriend. I did not go home with anyone from “Survivor” from any party…”

Coming to your Live! From the MGM Grand in Las Vegas! I really do want to see these two fight in like an Ultimate Fighting Championship setting. I’m sure it wouldn’t last long but it seems it would be very satisfying to a lot people.

I love that MySpace is the new forum of choice for celebrities setting the record straight. For personal reasons I’m sure it’s good that Reichen did, but the problem is it just feeds more hits to Perez’s site and gives him more piles of cash to cry into at night.
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