Rehab Is For Lovers

Seems that Pete Doherty and Kate Moss have a thing for rehab clinics, not only are they both frequent visitors they both find them extremely sexy. Over the weekend Kate and Pete decided it was good idea to get it on in the garden on an early Sunday evening. Kate has been making regular trips to see her boyfriend Pete who is staying at The Priory, in London to kick his addiction to heroin and crack cocaine.

Apparently, there was a group attending a self help group outside on a lovely September day when they noticed the naughty couple doing things that would make a monkey blush in public. Kissing and groping each other on a bench outside, not even to take a moments notice that people might be watching them. Okay, are we sure that they just didn’t take a line of powdery white stuff and it carried them away to a magical land called “Horny Town”? Moments later the couple stopped their PDA and noticed that they had been caught. Even though the couple stopped their sexual escapade before they had full blown sex, I think some of the patients there will now have to endure more therapy for what they witnessed between the two love birds. I see nightmares in their futures and extensive emotional therapy!

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Kate Moss And Boyfriend Get Frisky In London Rehab Clinic [AHN]

Written by Christy Pastore

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