Regular Masturbation Keeps Cybill Shepard Young

Too much information. Regardless of the fact that it may keep you young, A Socialite’s Life recommends frequent self-gratification.

The 55-year-old actress, who once dated Elvis Presley, claims that women should touch themselves if they want to stay youthful and maintain their libido.

She said: I went through a period when I lost my sex-drive. Now I?ve got my sex-drive back. I am telling you masturbation can keep you young. She revealed recently: I?ve been talking about unmentionables for 30 years.

The first thing I said on the phone used to be, ‘Are you pro-choice? If they said, ?What do you mean by that?? I would say, ?You know, I think this is not going to work out.? And now I ask if they’ve ever masturbated in front of someone. If they say no, I ask how often they masturbate. If they say, ?I?d rather have somebody else do it,? that?s a very bad sign… Next!

That Cybill. Still kicking.

If all else fails, feel free to rent-a-dildo [via Fleshbot]

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