Reflections Of ‘Being Bobby Brown’

July 9th, 2005 // 9 Comments

We forced Erin, one of our interns, to watch the latest episode of Being Bobby Brown. It took her two days to recover from the experience and write this post.

As I watched this week’s “Being Bobby Brown”, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was actually viewing, “The Twilight Zone”. Good ol’ Bobby and Whitney take a vacation to London, along with their daughter Bobbi Christina. As they are shopping in Harrod’s, I started to notice that there was something very strange on top of Whitney’s head. Moving on from her previous scarves to what looked like a mink hat, that I believe was actually a little fro’. After a family tiff, Bobby takes off to Brixton to party with the locals. Bobby seemed to be right at home partying and going to the local barber shop. From the woman asking for rent money, and the countless other hoodrats throwing themselves at Bobby, he seemed to be King. Throughout the boozing, and strange behavior it further supports my assumption that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston are crackheads. Ending the episode with a fight would only be the style of the notorious couple. When Whitney brings up Bobby’s children, trouble starts to brew and tempers start to flare. Someone should save their daughter. Luckily she already seems smarter than the both of them.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. *Micha*

    umm…. to quote Whitney in her own defense, “Crack is whacK!”

    Now take that.

  2. ap

    They are SUCH crackheads! It’s a trainwreck, however, and if you start watching you won’t be able to turn away.

  3. starzz

    I agree with ap, you just can’t look away……i can see Britney and Kevin ther ein about 4 years, yep definatly

    Poor whitney she is so blind

  4. Jasmine

    Erin as a fellow intern I commend you for watching “Being Bobby Brown” and not dying from laughter or having a nervous breakdown. I actually pass by the same crackhead everyday. She wears biker shorts and and wears headphones and performs cheerleading drills in the middle of the street. So I figure why watch Bobby and Whitney “Bobney’ as i like to call them, when I can just open my front door.

  5. I have yet to see this show. I’m too scared to watch.

  6. crystal

    anybody who walks around and moves their jaw laterally, like bobby does in all of his interviews about the show (i am scared to watch the actual show too)… is wacked off their ass. just look at his dilated pupils as well. idiots.

  7. Liz

    I love this show and this blog has the best coverage of BBB. Next week Bobby buys a gun!!! YAY!

  8. twack

    LAWD this show is a mess.

  9. hlatrienda2003

    i think you guys need to leave whitney and bobby alone. they are making money and they take care of their kids great. what about britney and her husband know one cares how she acts some time. what about jessica and nick some time i think that jessica has a 0 IQ and she is cracked out but know one talks about her they just she is funny. l believe u guys are just jealous because those crackheads like u say still have more than u probably all your life.

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