Reflections Of ‘Being Bobby Brown’


We forced Erin, one of our interns, to watch the latest episode of Being Bobby Brown. It took her two days to recover from the experience and write this post.

As I watched this week’s “Being Bobby Brown”, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was actually viewing, “The Twilight Zone”. Good ol’ Bobby and Whitney take a vacation to London, along with their daughter Bobbi Christina. As they are shopping in Harrod’s, I started to notice that there was something very strange on top of Whitney’s head. Moving on from her previous scarves to what looked like a mink hat, that I believe was actually a little fro’. After a family tiff, Bobby takes off to Brixton to party with the locals. Bobby seemed to be right at home partying and going to the local barber shop. From the woman asking for rent money, and the countless other hoodrats throwing themselves at Bobby, he seemed to be King. Throughout the boozing, and strange behavior it further supports my assumption that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston are crackheads. Ending the episode with a fight would only be the style of the notorious couple. When Whitney brings up Bobby’s children, trouble starts to brew and tempers start to flare. Someone should save their daughter. Luckily she already seems smarter than the both of them.