Reese Witherspoon Still Not Interested In Marriage

When talking about what celebrities are doing gets boring, it’s time to talk about what they’re not doing!

In Touch recently reported that Reese Witherspoon was attending premarital counseling with current boyfriend Jim Toth at their church, a story that was gleefully harpooned by Gossip Cop (or buzz kill, as I call them).

Reese has denied the marriage rumors for a long time, so her reluctance is not hard to believe.  Girlfriend has super cute kids, shiny hair, plenty of ass, and money out the wazzoo.  Why in God’s name would she want to get married again?  Am I right?

Here’s Reese with her manly man getting lunch and definitely not getting counseling of any kind earlier today in Beverly Hills.  Jim is looking… spiffy.  What can I say, the guy doesn’t warm my cockles.  And isn’t that what’s really important here?