Reese Witherspoon Offered Role in Scientology Film

Reese WItherspoon might be on board for Paul Thomas Anderson’s (There Will Be Blood) somewhat harsh new look at Scientology, or a thinly disguised version of the thinly disguised cult. A copy of the 124-age script that leaked reveals a character called The Master (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) and how his relationship develops with a do-nothing, drifter (Jeremy Renner) as he develops a faith following behind his organization The Cause in 1952. Um, L. Ron Hubbard much?

Witherspoon, pictured out and about in Brentwood, California, would play Hoffman’s younger wife Mary Sue (Hubbard’s wife’s name!). The plot really gets going when Renner’s character starts to doubt the organization. And you know, that we’re all descended from aliens.

No surprise that big-wig studios like Universal didn’t want to touch this one. But it’s happening! Wonder if Tom Cruise will see it...