Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Engaged Finally?

March 19th, 2009 // 6 Comments

After reportedly asking her multiple times to marry him, Star magazine reports that Jake Gyllenhaal has finally convinced girlfriend Reese Witherspoon to accept his marriage proposal.

A spy revealed to the tabloid that Witherspoon showed up to film an Avon commercial at Sony Studios in Culver City, California sporting a very shiny piece of jewelry on her ring finger. The source claims, “It was gorgeous, and everyone noticed it right away. But she took it off as soon as she saw people staring. Reese stuffed it in her bag and didn’t put it on again the rest of the day.”

Easy way to figure out if she is engaged or not: someone start blasting “Single Ladies” and see how she reacts. If you’re a single lady, it’s an automatic response to throw those hands up and start dancing. This has been scientifically proven.

Gallery Info: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal share a romantic birthday dinner December 2008.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. geez


    Wake up!

    This made up BS story about the boring fauxmance couple was YESTERDAY denied by the reps.

  2. RES

    What is faux is YOU, geez.

    Love Jake and Reese.

  3. Munchkin

    Where are the denials?, love them and hope it is true.

  4. tina

    good for them, they are so great in every way!

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