Reese Witherspoon Shows Her Face To The World

Here’s Hollywood power player Reese Witherspoon out for coffee and sans makeup. There’s nothing wrong with letting those pores breathe. Reese and her man Jake Gyllenhaal met up with annoying Cameron Diaz and her new beau Gerard Butler for wine and appies the other night.

The couples laughed it up at the Chateau Marmont until 3 AM. Cameron was all over Gerard so he would keep his eyes off less annoying girls and kept gripping his hand under the table so he couldn’t escape. He should have switched his hand with Jake’s. Then again, Jake probably would have been like “ugh, girls!” and spit at it.

Reese and Jake were reportedly not as into the PDA thing as the other two. They’re a little more mature. Or it’s a fag and hag situation. Nevertheless, I would take those two over Cameron Diaz and whoever she’s rubbing herself on any day.


More photos of a makeup-free Reese Witherspoon getting her early morning coffee with a friend are after the jump.

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