Reese Witherspoon Is All Business

Reese Witherspoon doesn’t have time to waste. It’s all go, go, go with her. She needs to read every romantic comedy script in Hollywood. There’s over-achieving ghosts to play, and amnesiac heiresses, and career woman who don’t have time to love but what is it with that UPS deliveryman who saved my son from that runaway hot dog cart and why does his blue collar life appeal to me so much?

Reese isn’t the type to lay on the couch and watch Flavor of Love 3, and eat Sun Chips. She’ll sleep when she’s dead. Jake Gyllenhaal probably tries to get her to go for bike rides through vineyards sometimes and she laughs harshly. She’s got another Oscar to snatch.

Here she is sighing and enduring the paparazzi at the W Hotel in Los Angeles. Later on, she had lunch at Le Pain in Beverly Hills. No, not “Au Bon”, that’s for poor people.


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