Reese And Jake Bringing It Out In The Open

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are finally coming out of the closet with their romance. And I have to say, the beard is finally working. Beards go through stages. One of those stages is called “stray dog peering out of garbage can” and Jake had that going on for awhile. But it seems to be settling in nicely. Reese seems to like it since they’ve been making out in public.

new photos surfaced of Witherspoon and Gyllenhaal (dressed in matching black T-shirts and jeans) strolling hand-in-hand and smooching at Los Angeles International Airport October 22.

The pair had been returning from Rome, where they were promoting their new film. On October 19, Witherspoon, 31, was spotted resting her head on Gyllenhaal’s shoulder while walking through the streets as they enjoyed some downtime.

Reese also went on Ellen Degeneres and spoke with The Dog Abandoner about how cute Jake was. Ellen’s a dyke, what? Has that dog debacle traumatized her so much that she’s into the mens now? Reese said about Jake – “he’s great”! Why does this all remind me of junior high?

Photos: Getty Images