Reese Witherspoon Is Pissed

March 17th, 2006 // 84 Comments

The second hand quote of the day.

“She told her publicists, ‘This is completely overshadowing my win! We need to do something. I’m not going to turn into one of those actresses where it’s all about my personal life. I’m the highest-paid actress in history, and this crap isn’t going to bring me down!’”

(Source: National Ledger)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Betty la fea

    Ok Ok to be fair (i’m south american)of span/fren/port/scott/and native american(quechua)Inca.. ancestry ok Hola!…I like reese I thought she was great on walk the line the girl is a lady (her husband don’t get it..(loser)..she is not the most beautiful girl in the world but she is pretty cute (funny no mean this women is ugly … look I grew up in south america where beauty is a paramount and they based everything on your looks now thats sad” terrible because talent doesn’t count sometimes…I happen to be a very good looking latina (thank you mami & papi )and people sometimes overlooked my personality or they don’t care if i’m smart or not ..all i hear is how beautiful you are blah ,
    people get hired for jobs just by their looks ( so if you are not attractive in thier eys ) no job honey they don’t care if you have masters .. looks baby (in south america) … now when i see a girl like reese or Aniston who are avarage looking women getting all this attention .. well I’m happy because people should’t be judge by their beauty only what about their talents their good deeds etc… You know sometimes other girls judge me thinking i will be stuck up and 5 min after being around me they see i’m nice and down to earth ….anyway salma hayek is pretty but not such good actor (she is got potential)…from a latina to another .. I don’t favor anybody because of race hell no to me talent counts alot” what is jlo doing acting .. i don’t get it she is terrible! … their is alot good actors that don’t get a chance in hollywood … .. I think is bad (rude) to judge an actor by their looks and not their talent and to called (white)american girls (apple pie)well not nice you know…that’s the biggest ethnic group in the Usa blond fair skin or red hair blue eyes ..( by the way i’m a sassy brunette mediun skin)
    so it a popular group why hate on it… or try to diminish by calling names … catherine zeta jone she is brunette and so naughty!!!beotch! … please.. reese is a talented actress about aniston i don’t know ?(rachel was her pick!… equal opportunityy to everyone and if you got talent it should take you far no amigos?
    I watch alot french/quebec spanish spain /latin american portuguese /Port /brazilian film alot good actors oh yeah germanfilms etc .. alot good actors …. there is alot good movies outhere that hollywood can’t deliver … but hey I love my nauthy hollywood …. walk the line was great film …. I love Johnny cash Patsy cline .. june carter etc .. joaquin did a great job …so did reese congratulation ….chau chicos and please no more fights …ok and chinnifer .. you should look at your looks as an advantage a potential .. i’m sure you are sexy women .. don’t worry about other girls … we are all women and we should enbraced eachother and be happy for the other success …un beso (kisses)

  2. youarealltards

    you people are so sad! someone sent me a link to egotastic bc they have funny pics of celebs or whatever, and i happened to start reading the comments posted for each pic… this is just so sad.

    i can’t believe you losers sit down every day and type these long-winded posts, DEFENDING celebrities! as if you even know them or what they’re all about!

    think about it. you’ve never met reese witherspoon, so you saying something like “i just can’t see reese ever saying something like that” is just about as true as if reese made an assumption about you. you’ve never met. you DON’T know her!

    just because you see her speak for 20 seconds on the E! channel doesn’t mean crap! actors and actresses have coaches who specifically train them for these kinds of appearances. stop being so naive. you all think she’s so sweet because that’s the kind of role she is typecasted into, and that’s what her image is all about.

    personally, i CAN see her as having lots of trouble in her marriage because A) she was married very young and B) was married bc she got knocked up.

    but anyhow, big fucking deal! if she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight she should get another job.

    i enjoy my fair share of gossip and celeb pics any day, which is why i’m on this site to begin with, but people: you can’t be so naive. every story you read in the gossip mags are NOT true. none of us have ANY CLUE what these celebs are like in reality. all we EVER see are the images they are trying to project in order to keep the naive tools like you folks coming back to the theaters every weekend.

    i can’t believe i share this planet with so many dimwitted, naive fools.


    To the poster “You are all retards”: I think you have just become one of us “naive retarded” people by posting here. If our behavior is so appaling, why join in it?

    Rumor, thanks for your post. I respect your opinion and point of view.

    I think the problem stems from economics. People want to be associated with a look or group that in the economc hierarchy is on top.

    I have an East Indian friend of mine who was set up (arranged marriage) with a very rich Indian boy because she is light skinned (“looks White”). While her Indian girlfriends who are darker get set up with “less desirable” men.

    By the way, in Spanish TV Telemundo, etc, the women are very often White Latinas. Or the beauty queens of Venezuela (one of the countries with the most Miss Universe winners) are often White Venezuelans. So even in Latin America, where the majority of people are dark, favoritism is given to the lighter women.

    For that matter, Halle Berry I think is favored in the Black and White community over a darker Black actress.

    This idea of color, hair color, look, etc is at the root of almost all societies because in history Whites were in power economically and so the desired looks are ones that are closer to White.

    Not Reese’s fault and not Maniston’s fault. So you are all right, I should not attack Reese nor Maniston for this.

    I just wish other looks and actresses were getting the same breaks.

    By the way, I think Salma Hayek is fabulous. She was amazing in Frida and is a great actress.

    Maniston sucks.

  4. JT

    CHINNIFER IS A DOG said the gospel. There are so many ‘unknown’ and known women of color that new got a break due to the sterotype they do not fit.

    Props to you CHINNIFER!


  5. betty la fea

    By the way chinnifer .. you are a bit wrong about latin america most people being dark .. mayority in latin american are white! that ‘s right folks… there is some countries in the carrebean where mayority are dark or black there is countries in south america you won’t see a black person .. thats right folks … natives american in latin america were killed like crazy (well they got also very sick and die )back in the days ..mainly natives from the mountains survives cause they run inside the mountains into the jungles … At the time of the Europeans’ arrival in the New World in 1492, from 60 to 75 million people lived in Latin America. Most of them inhabited the highlands of the central Andes and the region between northern Central America and central Mexico. These were areas under the control of the Inca, Maya, and Aztec… so alot people dye in the process and the europen immigration kept coming .. alot of then mix with natives (mestizos babys) and othre with blacks that were brought to the americas as slave (terrible) so firts is white then mestizos then native of american then blacks then mulattos and then others …
    Chinifer heres is a fact for you …
    the reason you probably see more dark latinos in america is because they have better chances then in their countries to the contrary to the white latin americans that enjoy eveything the land has to offer ..(latin america is such racists place is just the way the culture is .. is more like a joke .. but really they are more racist then the white american in USA ..(not all white people are racist by the way .. o another thing there is so many white latin american that you wouldn’t be able to tell apart in the states if they are not speaking spanish.. alot of people think people that look like jlo or salma or more native are latinos …
    latino =european comes from latin people (spain ,port.france.italy .romania,
    americana = native //
    but we know now the latino mean someone who comes from latin america Latino is not a race .. any country in latin america apply for a job .. they ask you are you white ..mestizo .black mulatto .. by your race

    there is latin american who are mix and other who are pure eurolatino
    look the one who doesn’t have Inga has mandinga jajaja ..
    El que no tine de Inga tiene de mandiga …
    hay ! Chinnifer don’t get upset .. the world is the way it s and its getting better …slowly but shortly .. embrace your looks girlfriend .. That we got to give to Jlo ..( she didn’t change Her body to fit in to hollywood look right ..same goes for halle berry … or salma who happens to be very nice and cares about domestic violence etc … there is so many things i don’t like about the world still got to stay positive and keep sending positive vibe so there will be a change ..the world is evolving ..slowly canoli .guacamoly.maccaroni lol .ok by besos (kisses)


    betty La Fea: thanks for your info. But you are sociologically off.

    Most people in latin America are Mestizo thus dark vis a vis Europeans. The Euro Latino is a minority. Some countries like Argentina have a higher percentage of White Latinos. But most Latinos in Latin America are mixed with Indio, Black and Euro.

    Ex: the majority of Mexicans are Mestizos not Blanco (and tehy are treated like dirt). The majority of Peruvians are Indios not Blanco (and they are treated like dirt). The majority of Cubans are Mestizo (Black/Indio/Euro) while the White Cubans famously fled during the 1959 Revolution.

    Mestizo is not White and certainly is not treated as such in Latin America. Most rich Argentinians are of Euro descent. As you will find in most Latin American countries.

    Most Latin Americans are dark, meaning non-White. It’s a fact.

  7. Rumor

    I was taking a break and checked back in. So glad I did. This is good information, and I love it. People who don’t like long posts or the subject matter don’t have to read them. It’s as simple as that. Betty, very glad you spoke up about countries in Latin America because a lot of people are not aware of what it’s really like. I met a woman from a Latin country. She had a medium to dark complexion, and she was on the unattractive side. In talking to her, I found that she was prejudiced against blacks and even more so against Mexicans and talked about white Americans as if they were gods. She absolutely did not want to be compared to a Mexican. Funny thing is, looking at her, no one would be able to tell her apart from a Mexican. I kind of felt bad for her because I sensed she had been discriminated against in her own country and wanted to feel better than the blacks and Mexicans here.

  8. Betty la fea

    Chinnifer Sorry but you are wrong .. I’ ve trouble in latin america ll the time and i know whats up ..
    . now if we count by heads mexico has the most nativ e they are over 100.million population .. look Bolivia is mainly native but the population is about 12 million in which 15%is white and 30% mestizo … chile is x50%white then 30 %mestizo and the rest native etc …. when you break it down to groups it comes down to that … anyway thereis also alot mestizos that easily past for white don’t forget that thy are mix of european & native and native people got red skin is not dark like you say and they got pretty features .. ..(there is mestizos with blue eyes blond hair fair skin that don’t look hispanic or latino at all . like my sisters or some of my friends …. so I don’t know? what do you mean …and i don’t know about mexican of peruvians that let themselves get treated like dirt do you ?.. racism is been there forever all over the world … and i ‘m sure everyone is aware of it ….and only weak mind it people allows to get affect it .. why i should throw myself to cry and feel like dirt because somebody calls me negra .india o blanquita .o china please … here mama here is link to all the countries in the world check their population just click coutries to change to another ..and that’s all
    by the way there is more people with money in mexico than argentina…more billionaires (from all over the world (trust me i know this for a fact ! actually than in the usa… mexico its to much of a constrat to high to low so many rich brasilian .peruvians .venezuelians,colombian s .. is crazy .. etc ….as also so much poverty …. alredy later!

  9. Betty la fea

    Yeah that is a problem sometimes.. like i said before there is old fashion mentality (not everyone not me) thinks or feels like that… in south america or anywhere in latina america they teach you to descriminated against natives blacks…if you are dark they make you feel like that’s not pretty is ugly lol…and they will tell you in your face you ugly black or indio ..(negro feo o indio yewk (so nasty ..) i’m not kidding .. this is true .. if a mestizo women(who’s on darker side(white/native) has a white baby they say her uterus is clean wtf? like her man white ancestry or her white part had nothing to do …so if her baby was on darker side her uterus is dirty lol wtf? so stupid the white try to keep their familys as white as posible or like in my familia my aunt was lock up in a crazy house and die there because she was in love with a native and the family said she is crazy how can she be a white women in love con un indio .. i’m not kidding this is terrible .this happened (back in the 50′s) to bad i wasen’t alive”
    my mom sis she marry a native very cool guy educated and her kids are called ugly even by my mom indios feos(ugly indias ) of course this kids are mestizos and good looking .. lol they merrie mestizas and their babys are pretty white and look like my mom family side so now everybody is nice to the little kids ..(i hate them for being stupid like how can you descriminated against people .. but is the mentality thank you espanoles e italianos .. but time s are changing there is another thing they say you better married a white so you better the race .. this probably will be very amusent for a racist person to read …. oh well have fun .. but to smart people what i’m telling you is so crazy and stupid … i have a cousin who is 1/2 japanese and when she was born everybody was like that kid is going to be so ugly how come felipe marrie a chino what a disgrace .. hey my cousin is like the prettiest girl … you know .. and they say is because she doesn’t look to asian yes she does nice mix .. but you can see it eyes … (not everybody is like that in my family but 50 % of then are … which i’m always telling then they are stupid …. and people should not be judge by thier race or beauty … anyway .. better days will come …


    Betty La Fea:

    White, for all intents and purposes and as far as society is concerned is a person who is fully White and has full European blood. Like the WASPS of America, etc.

    In Latin America, there is a very small minority that has full White blood. That is a fact.

    The people who are Mestizo then create their own heirarchy based on who has the most White blood. In Brazil, for example, there are names given to each type of Mestizo based on their percentage of White blood like the Octoroons etc of New Orleans.

    In terms of the global heirarchy of race and color, Latin Americans (in the world) are considered dark people thus the awful treatment of their people by those of European blood.

    Mestizo does NOT equal White.

    Most Latin Americans are Mestizo. Most Latin Americans are not White. Period. That is a statistical fact.

    Please do some research on the topic, it is quite interesting. With this I leave you.

    Yes, hope the world changes. I gotta give it to Reese, she forced us into a very interesting conversation about color, or did I create a monster? Hmmm.

    Ciao people and amor y paz to all.



    Latin American culture is a mosaic. One of the most important keys to understanding the pieces of this mosaic is to understand the different ethnic groups. Enthnologists divide Latin America into four groups: Euro-America, Afro-America, Indo-America, and Meztizo-America. Certain countries and parts of countries fit into each category. Let’s look at these one by one.

    Euro-America consists of Costa Rica, plus South America’s so-called &quotSouthern Cone” of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. There were few Indians in these countries, and the early explorers found no gold or silver, only fertile soil and vast grazing lands. Spanish farmers and ranchers settled these countries. Later, from the mid-1800s to early 1900s, when millions of Europeans were immigrating to the US and Canada, equal numbers were moving to another land of milk and honey, South America’s Southern Cone. Today, Yugoslavs, Basques, Italians, Germans, Poles, Czechs, even British – they are all found throughout the region. Some have done quite well, as these names of some former Southern Cone presidents attest; Montt, Frondizi, Galtieri, O’Higgins, Frei, Bordaberry, and Sanguinetti.

    Afro-America is the smallest of Latin America’s ethno-regions. For the most part, Indian peasants formed the backbone of Spanish colonial labor. African slavery was only widely used in the Caribbean. Today only the island nations of Cuba and the Dominican Republic are predominantly African in heritage. However, all the countries bordering the Caribbean have large Black populations in their coastal region – even extending down to Ecuador’s Pacific coast.

    The predominant ethnic groups in Latin America, and the most important for the DXer to distinguish, are Meztizo-America and Indo- America. These are what make Latin-America unique from any other place in the world.

    Meztizo-America refers to people of mixed race, usually Indian and European. Today in Latin America, October 12 is celebrated as a national holiday in most countries. But it is not to honor Columbus, instead it is called Dia de la Raza (Day of the Race) to commemerate the founding of the Meztizo race. When the Spanish conquered Latin America, far more men came from Europe than women. Most of the men, especially among the lower classes, took Indian women as their brides or concubines. Indian and Iberian blood mixed, forming the Meztizo race. In Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, the populations are mainly Meztizo. However, the definitive Meztizo country is Mexico, where the ideal of the new Meztizo race is an important part of the national identity. Yet, in Mexico the process never completed. Pure-blooded Indians remain the inhabitants of much of southern Mexico, stretching from Oaxaca to the Yucatan.

    Finally, we come to four countries of primary interest to DXers. Each is usually classified as Indo-America, although in reality, each has both a large Indian and Meztizo population. First, let’s look at the three South American countries of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. The Andes Mountains in these countries formed the heart of the ancient Inca empire. When the Spanish came, the Indians had a strong common culture; the colonial feudal system could not destroy it.

    Today the Indians remain the the main inhabitants of the Andes, from Ecuador, through Peru, Bolivia, and even into northern Argentina and Chile. The Spanish did leave their mark, however. Meztizos are the dominant population of the coastal plains and large mountain cities such as Quito and La Paz. More importantly, it is they who control the governments and economies. Meanwhile, a new melting pot is forming east of the Andes as new roads are allowing poor Meztizo and Indian peasants to carve new farms out of the previously unpopulated Amazon lowlands.

    The last Indo-America country is Guatemala. As with the Incas, the Spanish found the Mayan Indian culture to tough to destroy. Although the southern, eastern, and northern lowlands are predominantly Meztizo, Guatemala’s western highlands and Verapaz region remain firmly Mayan.

  12. Rumor

    Bravo! This has been better than a history class. No kidding. I just want to say that I have called some Latin people white because of their appearance. They look Caucasian. Sometimes I look at Spanish TV and the actors have blue or green eyes, blonde hair, etc. I cannot tell them apart, except that they speak Spanish.

    But I think Chinnifer is correct because I watched the TV show “The View” and a dermatologist was on, plugging a book about skin for people of color, which she described as people who are Native American or who have family roots in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, the Mediterranean or South Pacific, or Latin America.

    I guess it’s the blood that determines your true race.

  13. chinita

    just two points from the perspective of a biologist:

    1) if you look only at blood, there is no such thing as race. we are ALL mixed, and europeans are mostly descended from the first wave of African migrants thousands of years ago. some people are more RECENTLY mixed than other, but where do you draw the line of “recent”? race is quite fluid if you look at “blood” or genes”

    2) hence, if chinnifer and others are lamenting the superficiality and inherent “racism” of society, no matter how enlightened, they are talking about the broad groups of races that we mentally put people in. in which case, betty’s argument holds strong– we can only be biased against people for their race insofar as we can TELL their race, and many latin americans today look “white”. i should know, i just visited mi amor (he’s blond, blue-eyed, sorry chinnifer) ‘s home country of chile! im south-east asian though, so maybe our kids will be as exotic as you. =)

  14. chinita

    let me correct myself, perhaps it is too strong a statement to say that in genes there is no such thing as race (i have to be 100% accurate as a scientist). but, there has so far not been found any genetic signature for any “race”. if someone were to send their dna in for testing, he would get probabilities and %mixing statistics– e.g. 30% descended from western europe, 10% northern africa, etc. most people would have at least some african blood. i read in fact about a guy who was raised black, became a champion of african-american rights, wrote books about his experience being an african american, only to find out in a dna test that he was 90% european! Remember that your dna holds a long long memory of your ancestry.

    Certainly, though, race is a strong sociological, and, to some societally-determined extent, physical, concept.

    ok, enough rambling. =)

  15. umm

    uhhh why all the hate? what did reese witherspoon ever do to you? im not a big fan of her, but i think she’s talented. if you are so angry about the discrimination in the entertainment industry, then you should work hard to do something about that and change it… instead of just bitching about it.

    there will always be different opinions… some people think she deserved the oscar, some people dont… but that doesnt make her any less of an actress. who cares if she has blonde hair? who cares about what she looks like? no matter how much you want to argue it… the fact is she mustve done something right since she won the oscar… get over it already.

  16. umm

    oh one more thing…

    i cant believe the simple topic of “reese witherspoon” has inspired a full debate about race, latin america, discrimination and uhh jennifer aniston (i dont know how she fits into this).


  17. who???


  18. Passport Junkie

    blah blah fuckn blah

  19. youareallretards

    sorry, i don’t think i’ve become a naive retard just by joining in. mainly because i’m not going on and on about useless celebrities as though i have ANY idea what they’re like in real life. THAT alone is what makes you retarded–NOT the fact that you are posting. Do you understand the difference?

    i only came to this site bc there were some pics that basically make fun of celebs, and show that they really aren’t as great as everyone thinks they are. why don’t you start idolizing people who actually MATTER, like goodwill ambassadors, doctors, or teachers? i don’t see you talking about that, i only see posts about who is prettier, and who has more “talent” in acting! how utterly useless.

    and you’re right, i don’t HAVE to read your posts. i just happened to stumble onto this, and i must admit that it’s quite entertaining. it’s hilarious to see all these vain attempts at sounding intelligent. i wonder what you all do for a living. and god help us if any of you are teachers.

    and just for the record, i think that “Maniston” is probably the funniest thing i’ve ever read.


    You are all retards: Ahh, we have reeled you back in! You’re back with us “little retarded naive star-struck people”. We must be contagious. It is an awful disease, isn’t it? Glad to have you , reluctantly, among us.

    Chinita: Yes, race is what we have, as a society, decided race is. Race is not a real concept scientifically, I agree.

    There is a wonderful book called The Journey of Man and in it it follows the DNA of a South African tribesman with that of a man in The Tibet area (I may be getting areas slightly wrong) – anyway, they were related!

    When I talk of race, I am referring to the surface idea of race – not the genetic idea.

    The surface idea of race is rigid and places people in groups based on physical things whereas genetics is much more complicated. In the end, we all trace our lineage to the first tribes of Africa.

    Chinnifer Maniston still sucks though. Reese is overrated. She has Felicity’s Oscar in her hand.

  21. Rumor


    You stumbled into here? You came back because you had to read the responses to your original post. Warning: This site can become addicting.

    This has veered onto an altogether different topic, but you’ve all given intelligent, thoughtful comments that we can all think about.

  22. cate


    Yes, damn reese for being blonde, what a stupid bitch! Hey, in fact, lets eliminate all blonde haired, blue eyed people from eligibility for the oscars! Because, that would be fair, right?

    By the way, did you see walk the line? Id be interested to hear if you did or not. Im guessing you didn’t.

  23. PrissyBrattt


    Hey, wait a second….doesn’t EVERYONE face some form of looks-based prejudice? The blonde/blue-eyed folks are pigeonholed as “blonde bimbos” (truly. Don’t most people think of a Pam Anderson-type individual when asked to describe an archetypal ‘bimbo??’) the darker haired/skinned, more pan-ethnic looking folks are fetishized as “exotic.”

    No one is immune to the social judgements wrought by “looks-ism.” I also think beauty is beauty, period. I lived in Los Angeles, the official home of the uber-blonde, golden glamazon “look,” and, to be very honest with you, I have seen MANY a head turn away from an attractive blonde when a more stunning brunette (black, latina, asian, east indian or native american) walked into the room.

    Chinnifer–I think what you take the most issue with is the lip service paid (in the press, in society, wherever) to the whole “blondes-have-more-fun-gentlemen-prefer-blondes” stereotype. But that’s just lip service. As a beautiful woman, I’m MORE than sure that you have turned MANY a head away from the blondes in the room…what you seem not to like is the hypocrisy and disparity of society’s perceived preference (You probably think something like: “What’s with all the blonde worship if these people are all staring at ME?!?!”)

    Remember this about Reese W.’s oscar winning role: It was based on an actual person. It was a biography based on the lives of, yes, caucasians. Reese W. is hardly to blame for June Carter-Cash being a white lady from the South…. As for her other roles: “Legally Blonde” and “Election” have her playing characters which take obvious, sarcastic cracks at the “blonde barbie” stereoptype (especially ‘Election.’ Tracy Flick was decidedly evil…)


    Prissy Brat: Good points. Thanks. I respect your opinions and you make valid points.

    Cate: I saw Walk The Line. I don’t see what emotional journey she took in that film. I did not feel it was an emationally charged performance where she laid her guts on the line. Like Hillary Swank in Boy’s Don’t Cry or Jodie Foster in the Accused or Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball. Those were performances.

    Charlize Theron and Felicity Huffman went there. Felicity was undeniable. She became a transvestite.

    I felt Reese lip synched , played cute and charmed her way through that performance. That was it.

    By the way, my dad is blonde with , well, green eyes – not blue. I don’t hate blonde hair blue eyed people. I hate the system that glamorizes it over other looks. And I think actresses who fit that look get first dibs on good roles and thus work more.

    Why has Cathy Bates not gotten a good role?

  25. Lizzie

    I think the main issue or question is quite clear:

    Why doesn’t Hollywood or any part of the entertainment industry make roles available for women who aren’t blond, blue eyed, or a size zero? But even more importantly, why do we as a population still purchase tickets and pay money to see women who are only blond, blue eyed, and a size zero?

    I guess we could all lament about how wrong and twisted the American standard of beauty is, but in all reality, it comes down to us and where we put our money. The reson why such great actresses like Salma Hayek or Kerry Washington are not as prominent as Ms. Witherspoon is because a) there are not many roles written for women in Hollywood who do not fit a preconceived mold of what a women should be and b) Ms.Hayek and Ms. Washington do not attract the money that Ms. Witherspoon attracts. Now, issue a) is something that surely shows how deranged our society is and how far we surely do have to go until all people are accepted as status quo; however, issue b) is something truly that the moving going public contributes to. If we would actually pay money to see women who did not fit into the cookie cutter mold of Hollywood, there would be more lead roles written for women who were of a different ethinicity or even hair color(I seriously can’t take it when all I see are brunettes or African Americans relegated to the best friend role of a romantic comedy or a drama!). If money held no sway on what people did, I am sure Hollywood would portray a more diverse and more accurate American woman; however, we pay to see movies that portray a white, blond, blue-eyed girl, and Hollywood sees that and equates that stereotype with money.

    I am as forlorned as the next person about this situation, but it looks as though we have no one else but ourselves to blame for this. I agree that this stereotype of feminine beauty has been institutionalized in international society, but when we pay to see women like this portrayed in movies or even in magazines, we are just further entrenching it.

    In any case, I have really enjoyed reading what you all have posted here. I think it is definitely a topic that should be discussed more openly because that is how change in people’s mindsets and ideals comes about. If we don’t talk about these things, then our notions will not change about race or beauty.

    Have an enjoyable evening! Cheers!!


    Lizzie. Thanks for your post. Great points you make.

    Yeah, if we think it is hard for brunettes, imagine an overweight woman! Why can’t the love interest in a movie be oer 150 pounds and a size 14? When was the last time you saw that in a movie?

    Given that, I think we can all agree Hollywood has very weird standards they set for women and most women do not meet those standards. Yet, we go see these movies anyway with women who don’t portray us as women fairly.

    Men don’t have this problem in Hollywood.


    Hark, I smell a rat! Dear “Chinnifer” does her childish rounds at all the gossip blogs dissing Jennifer Aniston and lauding Angelina Jolie as the most wonderful woman in history. Please don’t say anything nasty about Angie, ’cause Chinnifer’s standard attack is that we’re all fat and jealous of stunning Angelina and her humanitarian work. I’m sick of it.
    Chinnifer – I think YOU are the fat, trashy chick who’s been blown off a million times for women of substance (like Jennifer Aniston), with a hint of class. That’s why it’s your personal mission to side with the skanks, the freaks, the cheaters and the homewreckers. Jennifer Aniston got over her relationship falling apart – I suggest you do the same. Oh, and you probably hated modelling as a child because you never got anywhere. No fun in losing is there? Being crowned Miss Lovely Hair once at a local church fete when you were six isn’t exactly the stuff dreams are made of.


    Sick & Tired:

    I never attacked anybody on their weight – as a matter of fact, I was the one above who wondered why Cathy Bates does not get the same breaks as Reese. Why can’t a heavy actress get the same breaks?

    I actually like this site so I don’t post anywhere else – your error #1.

    #2: Stopped modeling as a kid because I was a smart kid and wanted to read books and play with friends rather than fake a smile for a dumb camera – your error #2

    #3: I respect Angelina for her humanitarian efforts first of all. I happen to give to the organizations she supports because I trust her judgment when she sides with an organization.

    I side with women who are independent, strong, and out of the ordinary, that is why I side with Angelina.

    I also always side with the underdog. When hoards of women are criticizing and bullying Angelina for being a homewrecker and a freak (none can be proven) I side with her because she is being falsely accused.

    Reese: I side with Felicity over Reese because Felicity clearly deserved that Oscar. The Academy was not “ready” to acknowledge a film about a Transvestite so they went the safe route and picked Reese.

    Compare the two performances – Felicity did a complete change to become a Transvestite. Reese did not have to stretch as much for her role. Felicity deserved that Oscar.

    But in Hollywood, cute always win – at least for women. Men can do what they want and it is applauded. Women have to fit a certain mold.


    ALSO: No one is glamorizing the blonde haired, blue eyed look. Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Iman, Elizabeth Taylor, Naomi Campbell, Keira Knightley, the list goes on. All women that have left a definate mark on the fashion/beauty world. You ask why has Cathy Bates never gotten a decent role. Answer – She has! She’s contributed greatly to every film she’s been in and I’m sure she was handsomely rewarded for her efforts. She’s a brilliant actress. It’s a question of fitting in with the role offered. Do you think Cathy Bates auditioned for the lead in Legally Blonde? NO! She didn’t fit the profile. Would you pay money to see Michael Jackson as the romantic lead across from Jessica Simpson? I bet not, because he doesn’t fit the profile! Hollywood is escapism and entertainment. The same with fashion. It’s not a industry one enters hoping to get by on political correctness and social conscience. If you’re not selling – they’re not buying.


    My point exactly. Hollywood is escapism. And we Americans do need to escape from our daily grind…but at what cost?

    Who gets hurt when we perpetuate these images? A big girl could not of been in legally blonde? Why?

    Cathy Bates by the way complains a lot about lack of roles so do older actresses like Diane Keaton, etc. Everyone wants to believe the world is made up of young, cute blonde women. The world is far more interesting than that.

    Unfortunately, Hollywood is not as interesting.

  31. Pookie Sue

    First and foremost, Kathy Bates and Diane Keaton are old. Lets not forget the age factor, a major cause of discrimination against Hollywood women.

  32. Rational

    Urgh, I can’t even be bothered to read through all these, but most of these arguments are pretty stupid.

    Specifically, “Chinnifer,” Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston do not have comparable acting abilities. Jennifer Aniston is also a brunette. How would you explain how celebrated the beauty of people like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie is? People like blonde hair and blue eyes because it’s novel, but most people also like other variations. And, as someone else said, Reese played a brunette. And yet, you compared her ability to get roles to Halle Berry. HELLO? Monster’s Ball? I personally hated the movie, but she got an Oscar for it. Do you think Halle Berry should be getting roles like June Carter, even though June Carter was white? And Zhang Ziyi is no less Asian than Lucy Liu. Lucy Liu is “mixed” Asian ancestry, while Zhang Ziyi is Japanese. She isn’t a “white” version of being Asian. Maybe you don’t see a lot of Japanese people, but there is an unusual trait that exists in some Japanese to have somewhat Caucasian features. This doesn’t make them “white.”

  33. forgodssake

    Rational- FYI Ziyi Zhang is not Japanese! For god’s sake she is Chinese as is Lucy Liu. Zhang Ziyi is from China! Did u not notice her Chinese name. Im not Chinese, or even Asian but at least i know how to different Chinese and Japanese names. U just assumed she’s Japanese becuz she played a Japanese character in Memoirs of a geisha. Lucy Liu is not mixed at all.

  34. i love reese

    hi i am madly in love with reese and if i were her husband i would never let her out of my arms and i highly doubt that her marriage is in trouble but i do think that she DESERVERD that oscar cuz she was amazing in walk the line.

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