Reese Witherspoon Is Pissed

March 17th, 2006 // 84 Comments

The second hand quote of the day.

“She told her publicists, ‘This is completely overshadowing my win! We need to do something. I’m not going to turn into one of those actresses where it’s all about my personal life. I’m the highest-paid actress in history, and this crap isn’t going to bring me down!’”

(Source: National Ledger)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I dont believe Reese said that and secondly everyone knows the highest paid actress is Julia Roberts.

  2. You go Reese. Don’t take that crap from anyone!!!!

  3. hed

    you go girl.

  4. sb girl

    Actually, Reese recently signed a $29 million deal for a movie that makes her the highest paid actress over Julia.

  5. krystyn

    reese has surpassed Julia recently. So, thats at least true…but WHAT is overshadowing her win?

  6. d.c.

    You go girl..

  7. tia

    Oh so Resse is the highest paid actress !! Well dang diddly I didnt know that .. okay okay I will no longer speak until I know for sure. My apologies !!!

  8. Audacte

    I think she is talking about the “crap” articles about her marriage being in trouble. As for the quote: 1) sorry, I just can’t see her using exclamation points; or any angry tone of voice requiring exclamation points when quoted nor, 2) can I see her mentioning her paycheck. However, on the topic of paycheck: at least Reese Witherspoon can act (unlike Julia). I am sorry, but I can’t stand Julia’s teeth and that weird vein that pops out of her forehead when she is in a crying scene.

  9. jscatch

    The fact that everyone is saying her marriage is over is what has her pissed….click on the national ledger link above to read full story. I still can’t see her as one of the big actresses. I know she’s now the highest paid but I don’t see how or why…

  10. Small Fry

    Thought I read somewhere that the 29 mil deal was just a rumor.

  11. niki

    It’s no one’s fault that Ryan Phillipe looks like he is dying when Reese is on stage getting her Oscar.
    He had no love or happiness in his eyes, when I saw him looking at her, as she was making the acceptance speech.
    Then I see him with the cast of Crash jumping over the moon with happiness when it won for Best picture.
    Pictures don’t lie…so Reese should coach her hubby to pretend he cares when a camera is on them or forget the tabs and move on.

  12. my2cents


  13. doofus

    I’m with you Audacte…

    I just cannot see Reese saying things like this. It really just doesn’t sound like her.

    The story itself may be true (that she’s upset about rumors about her marriage overshadowing her career), but the quote sounds bogus.

  14. C

    I seriously doubt those words came out of her mouth. Perhaps she’s angry about it and good for her for attempting to keep her private life out of the tabloids, but she would never say, “This is completely overshadowing my win,” and, “…this crap isn’t going to bring me down!”

    Crack smokin’ tabloid writers.


    Who cares? She has a big chin like Maniston. She did not deserve the Oscar. What did she do in that film that was so spectacular? What a joke.

    She was good in Legally Blonde but give me a break Reese – you got lucky little girl!

  16. Sonny

    A few of you people are too hung up on looks. That’s pathetic! It’s people like you who make this world the ugly, unfair place it is.

    Reese has talent. She sang well and came across as a woman with heart and soul in her movie. She can act. Give the woman a break.


    Oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She sang on stage as june Carter, so what????????

    There are real actresses like Charlize and Felicity who deserve that Oscar or Judi Dench for God’s sake.

    Reese like Maniston have good PR people.

    Reese is a funny actress but BEST actress?? Come on!

    Hollywood throws this plain Jane blonde blue eyed girls down our throats like Reese and Maniston and before we know it – we are chanting how beautiful they are.
    Give me a break. I am Korean and Irish and have an exotic look but girls like Reese who are less interesting are considered better. Why?

    Sick of it. Lucy Liu is the most gorgeous Hollywood actress I think. Her, Angelina Jolie, and Halle Berry.

    This Reese is so apple pie it makes me barf.

  18. hmMM

    well chinnifer it’s just obvious that you wouldn’t know talent if it hit you in the face

    lucy liu…what was she in–charlie’s angels!!!???

  19. doofus

    not to mention, hmMM…

    if you see her work in other movies, you can really see the range of her talent.

    I haven’t seen “Walk the Line” yet, but I’ve seen her in several other movies and thought, “damn, that girl is believable in ANY role she does”.

  20. Sonny


    Are you so hateful because you are biracial? Do you hate white people? You’ve made plenty of comments about plain, white girls, like you have something against them.

    I’ve known a few biracials (that are blk/white) who hate whites and its all because the white side of their family doesn’t accept them like the black side. Which is it for you? Does the white side of your family reject you for being mixed with Korean?

    Maybe Reese didn’t just get the award for Walk the Line, but for her collective work. Hollywood does that sometimes.

  21. C

    Chinnifer, why all this animosity? Reese is a wonderful actress and did great work in Walk the Line. Charlize (though she was born in Africa) is WHITE and blonde (apparently you hate these features) has already won an Oscar. I saw North Country and though it was a great movie, she didn’t deserve an oscar for that. Felicity was great in Transamerica but I guess Reese was the more popular vote from the academy. If you have a problem with Reese winning an oscar, perhaps you should be pissed at those who voted for her. Quit taking out your agressions on others.

    And who is passing you up for Reese and Jennifer Aniston? Are you a struggling actress attempting to get movie roles and they are your competition? Perhaps you can’t act. They struggled at one time too. And if it’s men who are passing you up for blue eyed blondes, who needs them? Get yourself a real man who values you, not your looks.

  22. justMe

    That is so sad. They are that ‘perfect hollywood couple’ and he can’t deal with her being successful… it thought he was more than that.
    AND i thought it was over already when Crash won the best picture award.
    one envious lil mo’fo’. but hot. ;)



    I have an exotic look and my family (both White and Korean) have always made me feel special. I am part of both worlds and I am proud of that.

    I don’t hate blue eyes and blonde hair. I hate that the world thinks this is more beautiful than non blue eyes and blonde hair.

    For example, if Maniston and Reese were Brunettes, they would be considered average but because they are blonde and blue eyes – the world thinks they are so hot.

    There are so many prettier girls who don’t get the breaks they get. Look at all the pretty black actresses – they don’t get recognition and many are ten times prettier than Reese or Maniston. Same with Asian actresses.

    Name me one Asian or Black actress that is treated the way Reese and Maniston are treated.

    Charlize Theron is different because she is truly beautiful by any standard. And truly talented. She deserves her fame.

    But Reese and Maniston are so average – it makes me sick.

    So don’t attack me for being biracial and think that is the reason I hate this system that glorifies blonde blue eyes. I am proud of who I am – Korean and Irish and it is a great mix, thank you very much.

  24. Silasdog

    I have my serious doubts she said anything even resembling what’s here. She is a great talent, and I think we’ve seen just the first of her Oscar nominations. She can handle the “big screen” with the best of them, and she has that certain something that absolutely makes you like her. I’m with you Audacte & Doofus (the ever present voice of reason). I could never understand hoopla with Roberts. She’s a 2nd rate talent compared to actresses like Witherspoon & Theron.

  25. daniela

    reese isn’t the highest paid actress….her publicist denied that report

  26. um yeah

    you have a serious issue with looks. reese’s TALENT won her that award not her BLONDE hair and blue eyes.

    look at halle barry, she’s won awards…oprah winfrey, one of the most respected PEOPLE in the world.

    maybe the blonde hair, blue eyed women are winning b/c they just happen to be talented. it’s also known as the all-american look, b/c well we are in america ya know!

    for some reason you just sound really bitter about something and are hung up on looks, i feel bad for you.

    oh and p.s. reese played june carter as a brunette, you know that role she won the oscar for??!!


    iti is a proven fact that blondes have an easier time getting roles than non-blondes. look at playboy, fashion magazines, and movies.

    i hapen to be attractive from what people tell me and i modeled as a child and hated every minute of it. so i am not hung up on looks. i was more interested in getting an education than becoming some teen model where everyone is telling you how to look all the time.

    having come from that world, i can tell even for kid models – the blued eyed blonde hair look is considered better.

    america is a country of all types of people. besides the blued eyed blonde hair look is not american. the original americans were native american so technically that is the look that should be celebrated most.

    halle berry got an award but she does not get the roles that reese gets, why? is reese more talented? is reese more talented than lucy liu (who i love) no, she’s not.

    reese and maniston just meet the requirements of this screwed up idea that blonde blue eyed girl next door is better – that is why she gets all those roles.
    are you disagreeing with me that our society is infatuated with that look?

    just because i have the courage to criticize it does not mean i envy it. give me a break. i am in a loving relationship with someone who loves me for who i am. and my parents always validated me.

    i am just saying this society is screwed up. and coming from the experience of both worlds/both cultures, i can say that i try to appreciate all kinds of beauty.

    reese is talented but she would not of gotten where she is if she was not america’s idea of the perfect woman – plus she is like a former debutante from the south so she comes from that whole old world “waspy” upbringing. that is why so many americans like her.

    same with zhang from memoirs of a geisha. she is a whitened version of what an asian would should look like. there are more exotic asian women.

    i am half white and i would not dare say i represent the asian beauty standard. that would not be fair. a pure asian woman is a better representation than i am. that is my point with reese. she is used as a model for the american girl. so is maniston. and that is not fair to the other women who are different.

  28. Books

    Maybe you were a child model, but that hardly makes you an expert on everything in the film industry.

    Reese is a good role model as a young wife and mother in addition to her career; quite a difference from the club-hopping, anorexic Hollywood common young actress.

    She can’t change the fact that she’s white; so why should that affect her getting acting parts? She’s not taking any parts away from non-whites.

  29. Rumor

    Regarding all of the above… you know life is never fair. There will always be someone on top and someone on the bottom. Blondes do have more fun, hence, the saying. Blondes, especially beautiful ones, light up a room when they walk into it. This idea of the All-American ideal is not going to change. Jesus Christ is going to have to return to make this world equal.

    Regarding Reese, I love her. Loved her movie so much! It was one of my favorites. She doesn’t have to be beautiful. She has a very expressive face that shows her emotions, which is great for an actress. I saw her in “Election” with Matthew Broderick long ago and thought she was excellent.

    I also admire her as a good role model. She’s not out running around town. Those other young actresses seem so confused compared to Reese.


    Rumor I disagree with you. I don’t think Blondes necessarily light up a room or are more attractive.

    I think the society at large in America chooses the blonde blue eyed look because it is non-threatening and “safe”. It poses no threat.

    However, there are countless of women who prove that exotic has a high level of potency. It is this exoticness that Puritan America is afraid of. They can’t handle it so they perpetuate the “Gidget” look over the dark mysterious look.

    Look at the women who are truly out of this world: Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Gong Li from Memoirs of A Geisha, Halle Berry, Iman, Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, Raquel Welch, Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

    These are all women whose beauty challenges the apple pie look. These women are bigger than life. So, you see, that safe look is not any better. It is just that men can’t handle truly exotic women so they perpetuate a world where women are forced to think looking like Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston is a prize.

    Men don’t want a woman’s look to overpower them. So they go for a safe blonde apple pie. Yet. behind closed doors when they end up marrying the Reese’s they desire the Salma Hayeks and the Angelina Jolies.

    I cannot tell you how many White “apple pie” married men approach me. They want to have a bit of my “flavor” or exoticness. But they want to marry girls that can slip into the background very easily. Plain Jane apple pies. It is so weird.

    Who would you rather look like? A young Raquel Welch, Salma hayek, Halle Berry or Reese Witherspoon or Aniston?

    I would pick looking like Raquel Welch any day.

    I think Raquel or Salma will light up a room much quicker than Jennifer Aniston or Reese. Any day at any time.

  31. hmmmmm

    just so you know “chinner”, jennifer aniston is of half-greek heritage. a lot of people would consider greek/italian/spanish/portugese etc, to not be completely “white” cause they have a spice to them. i think that all the people you have mentioned AS WELL AS reese & jennifer are beautiful women and btw, julia roberts is a celebrated actress (who most of the time is a brunette) who gets (or used to get) plently of job opportunities because the industry believed/believes she is talented enough. halle has had opportunity to show range through acting but a lot of the film choices she has made have bombed. reese and jennifer probably have better agents getting them better scripts and opportunities.
    anyway, i don’t know why you are so hung up on “maniston” – obviously you are obsessed with her as all you do is mention her. kinda funny seeing as you keep trying to point out how plain and average looking you think she is.
    just because someone is blue-eyed and blonde doesn’t make them any less beautiful than someone with a more “exotic” look.

    btw, lucy liu is NOT talented (hello, have you seen charlie’s angels), iman is not an actress (however, if my memory serves me correctly, is one of the first supermodels who is absolutely stunning), and there are many people out there who would argue that catherine zeta-jones isn’t talented (i’m not one of her, i love her).

    its a matter of personal opinion. that’s all. end of story. don’t try to shove it down other peoples throats just because you don’t agree.

  32. hmmmmm

    i apologize. i called you “chinner”, i totally made a stupid mistake. sorry “chinnifer”.

  33. Rumor

    Personally, I think beauty is beauty. I don’t think blondes are more beautiful, but I do think that when a beautiful blonde with long, flowing hair walks into a room, she is very much noticed over other women initially. It might just have to do with the light hair coloring surrounding her face. I mean, men have always gone ga-ga over blondes.

    If you are beautiful and/or different looking, you are also going to get noticed. But you have some people who just like blondes. Tiger Woods and Bryant Gumbel are both black men who prefer blondes. It’s also a status thing to have the blonde. I think men think of them as wild and sexy.

    Reese is a different kind of blonde, not that sexy type. But I think she represents what a lot of Americans like. She’s decent and family oriented. She’s southern and has those values.

  34. JeanJeannie

    Chinnifer…get that chip off your shoulder! Let’s not make this about you. Reese is one of the few versatile young actresses we have around. She can mold into any role thrown at her, romantic comedies and dramas as proven with her recent awards. Give her the credit she deserves and please stop placing her in the same category as Aniston who unfortunately will always remain an award presenter only!

  35. Dancerica

    wow that was one crazy debate! are we talkin about celeb gossip so seriously? :-P

  36. sam


  37. newc

    read kevin smiths book he calls her greasy reese. she’s apparently an uber bitch. still it’s worked out for her

  38. Gregory Sundborg

    Unlike many so-called actresses these days Reese actually has talent! Do not get me started on Julia Roberts,a much overrated actress with teeth that overwhelm her.If Reese can command 29 million dollars for a movie role,great! gREG

  39. patsy

    Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang in Smalville) is biracial, with one asian and one white parent. She is gorgeous, looks somewhat exotic and still plays a middwestern girl. Because she is pretty and talented!
    Just because someone is blue eyed and blonde, doens’t mean she’ll get a big part in movie. I mean – girls like Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart are dead-ugly and will never achieve anything. Besides, most actresses like Chinnifer are not natural blondes, she has het hair bleached. And her eyes are green-blue. I can understand your resentment though, I don’t like her either. Very overrated.

  40. Zorro

    I am a man and I have to tell you, I would choose Catehrine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie, or Salma Hayek over Aniston and Witherspoon in a heart beat!

    Only in America is that Reese look considered great. I have traveled Europe and Latin America (where women are out of this world) and Reese could not hold a candle to those women.

    So people like Rumor and some of the others are DEAD wrong that men prefer Reese over a Catherine Zeta-Jones brunette beauty. Are you kiding me?

    Catehrine Zeta-Jones is one of the most beautiful women on this planet. Brunettes are GORGEOUS!

  41. girly

    I happen to know all my guy friends prefer brunettes over blondes.

  42. Rumor

    I never said plain-looking blondes are prettier than ethnic beauties like Salma, Angelina, Halle, etc. Anyone can plainly see that Reese and Anniston are not what most people would call physically beautiful women.

    I still believe that one’s eye tends to go toward a beautiful blonde when entering a room. The eye doesn’t necessarily stay there, but the blonde hair just stands out at first.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter what color a person is. You can be a dark Spanish beauty or a blonde Swedish beauty. Some people prefer blondes, but some prefer brunettes. I personally prefer men with dark hair.

    In the end though, don’t discount people because they’re not beautiful. People have all kinds of different talents that make them special besides what is on the outside.

    The main point I was trying to get across is that I like Reese Witherspoon for her talent and the decent person I think she is, and I am not going to put her down just because she’s not as pretty as those other actresses.

  43. WTF

    How on earth could someone compare Reese W. with Aniston ?! Reese is an extrordinary acress, the first movie I saw her in was “Runaway” and my God she was amasing. And so very young at that time! I new she was going to be very big, because she has real, natural TALENT, not because she is pretty. Jennifer Aniston CAN`T ACT. All her movies suck big time. How can you even begin to compare those two ?!

  44. Audacte

    Wow, when did talent have to be synonomous with beauty? An “ACTOR” should be able to take on the nuance of the role and become that role; NOT be a famous person playing someone else. Reese is a good actor. That’s it; that is all we are discussing and god knows, if we were really to talk about beauty, we would have to include character, humor and wit. Since NONE of us know ANY of the people of whom we post… let’s just keep it to what we can decide: Do we like seeing them in movies, plastered in tabloids, etc., etc.. unless, of course, we want to discuss how particularly unattractive Paris Hilton is and how she seems to only have three red carpet positions… tilt the head down and to the left; look out of right eye; tilt head down to the right, look out of left eye; hold on to dog, purse and edge of skirt; squint eyes a little and smile slightly (aka her impression of “Annie”).

  45. Rumor

    There is a certain quality that makes a great actress. I don’t think Felicity Huffman is pretty, but she’s a darn good actress on Desperate Housewives. Like Reese, her face shows all kinds of emotions. She’s believable.

    Although I think Anniston should be able to do whatever she wants to do, I don’t believe she has the appeal to be a major Hollywood star. Still, more power to her, and I wish her all the happiness that I hope for Brad and Angelina.

  46. Rumor

    Audacte, you’re excellent!

  47. Ebony

    Got to do this Chinnifer. Be real. You left out something didn’t you? UR Irish, Korean…and BLACK!

  48. JT

    In what world does getting paid $29 million appear insane??? What does this chick do that even closely merits that much moolah for 2-3 months work??? Pulease, She isn’t even a great actress! Mediocre at best. All she can do is play stereotypical parts. There is no latitude in her, much less then a bag on her head would not resolve.


    Ebony, I don’t understand your post? What does “AND BLACK” refer to? Honey, if I was part Black, I would shout it on the mountaintops. A lot of my friends are Black and I have dated wonderful Black men. And my parents welcomed them. I still don’t get your post, but whatever.

    Here is the point I am making about Reese and Maniston. Because of their “apple pie-safe -girl next door- cheerleader” look, they get through the door quicker. Thus they have had the opportunity to get more roles and thus be able to show their talent (although Maniston’s talent is questionable).

    It isn’t that Salma hayek, Halle Berry, Lucy Liu are lesser actresses – it is that they are too exotic and so Hollywood does not consider them for a lot of roles.

    Reese is not necessarily a better actress – she is just a more “accessible” one in terms of look, etc.

    Felicity Huffman or Charlize Theron deserved that Oscar – not her. No way!

    Also, looks have EVERYTHING to do with making it in Hollywood. Name me ONE actress who is not fairly attractive and has made it in TV or the movies? Name me ONE who has become a HUGE star despite her look. That’s why Cathy Bates doesn’t work. It’s ALL about looks. Come on.

    I am not saying Reese and Maniston are not pretty girls. They are. But they are very AVERAGE girls who got lucky because there look is safe.

    Salma Hayek is astoundingly beautiful and HUGELY talented. Why has she not gotten a good role since Frida?

    That’s why I like Angelina. She is not apple pie.

  50. Rumor

    Hi Chinnifer,

    We can go back and forth on this all day long because we have opposing views about Reese Witherspoon, so I’ll skip further comment on that.

    I agree with everything you are saying about discrimination. But, the question is what can we do about it? This goes back to the roots of our country. This goes back to what I said about hierarchy, which permeates all societies in some way. This is the whole state of man, the haves and the have nots.

    You said before that you noticed in modeling that the blonde, blue-eyed people get more breaks. We all know this is true.

    The only way color and race won’t matter is for everybody to just all mix up and there be no white, black, Latino, Asian races. It’s not going to happen any time soon.

    What everybody needs to do is just be the best possible person you can be. Who cares what the world thinks? If I know that I am as valuable as the next person, that’s all that matters.

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