Reese WItherspoon And Ryan Phillippe

January 18th, 2006 // 16 Comments

They had to be the cutest couple of the evening. Those “marriage in trouble” rumors have been put to rest. I don’t think that you could have faked the affection and admiration that Ryan was showing when Reese won her award. It was really a nice thing to see. Ryan was also quite pleased when Joaquin Phoenix won his award, because he became $220 richer because of it.

Joaquin Phoenix had to pay up $220 to pal Ryan Phillippe after claiming the best actor prize at the Golden Globes last night, because he lost a bet with the Crash star.

Phoenix was stunned when he claimed the award for his portrayal of country icon Johnny Cash in biopic Walk The Line, and won and lost at the same time after Phillippe reminded him of a bet they had.

Phillippe, who is married to Phoenix’s Walk The Line co-star Reese Witherspoon insisted Phoenix would take home the big prize. The actor says, “He (Phillippe) bet me that I would win and I said, ‘No way.’ I bet him whatever I had in my pocket, which was $220.”

More photos of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon after the jump.

Phoenix Loses Pocket Money Bet to Phillippe []

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    I freaking love her… usually I am nauseated by young hollywood royalty (Lindsay Lohan makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out, and why in God’s name is Nichole Ritchie famous? Why?!?!?). Reese isn’t a cracked out, coked up whore and I like that about her.

    I think they are adorable. I don’t find him attractive in any way, shape or form- but I’m not married to the guy. I’m glad she does. And their daughter Ava is absolutely adorable (from the pictures I’ve seen while standing in line at the Giant behind someone who inevitable has 2 carts worth of shit and decides to pay with pennies).

  2. Kelly Watt

    Joaquin Pheonix had $220 in his tux pocket at the Golden Globes? O_O

    And Reese and Ryan are very cute together. They look so happy. The rumors have been going around about them for a while, but they haven’t broken up since.

    My only fear is that I’m a big believer in “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” I hope they stay together though…

  3. BlazerMary

    I think they are cute together and have some cute kids. She’s admitted they’ve been in counseling but I give them both credit for working on their marriage instead of running into the arms of their co-stars.

  4. lol

    Every marriage has bad patches – not that i would know from personal experience-but these 2 seem to keep it together and sort out their problems (if they have any) away from the public eye, you never hear of either of them playing the field or being secretly gay or flaunting their religion, plastering their kids all over magazines in expensive cover shoots: they keep it low key-a good example for the rest of the hollywood dregs to follow

  5. Laura Lord Belle

    Sigh! I love them so much!!

    She is so mature,dignified!

    And he is one hot DILF!!

    I liked him in the movie CRASH.

  6. Jenrah

    They are so freakin adorable! I loved Reese in Walk the Line! You guys are right, other attention whores in Hollywood need to take a cue from these two! Notice how all the celebs that are in the tabloids are the ones who really aren’t that talented?! Celebs like Reese and Ryan have great talent that makes them famous. They don’t have to go around doing outrageous things to get noticed!

  7. Iknowwhatabeardis

    ok I like Reese Witherspoon to but come on…Her husband in the Al Reynolds Club if you know what I mean….

  8. Krystyn

    dude, Ryna Phillipe is NOT in Big Gay Al’s club. There has never been a rumor of it, and I don’t know how one could say that.

    he is one HOT piece of ass.

    And I love her. I saw her years ago in that movie Man on the Moon and have liked her ever since.

  9. akflave

    They can have genuine affection and still be in a marriage that’s in trouble.

  10. LOVE HER

    I went to school with Reese briefly at Harpeth Hall in Nashville. She is so sweet!

  11. Serenity

    Awww….they make the cutest couple ever! I hope the rumors aren’t true, I really want them to stay together.

  12. msbj

    I thought he was pretty hot in Cruel Intentions. They’re really cute together~

  13. justine

    Sigh . . . . I’m so glad to see a “normal” Hollywood couple . . . They do seem genuine, and I wish them both the best.

  14. Natalia

    i think they are the cutes couple in the world but i think ryan was especially loving with his wife because he is trying to show that reese is belong to him,i think reese is a little atracted to joaquin phoenix so ryan has been really smart.bye

  15. blargh

    i dont think he was being overly affectionate out of jealousy, i think he was putting it on a bit to make a point that he wasn’t jealous of her success. Deep down though, he probably is. In Cruel Intentions in 1999 he was the big star, and she was the unknown. Now the roles have reversed and he obviously feels like the rug has been pulled out from underneath him. I hope they stick to the counselling and he realises that there are more important things in life. The whole “woman earning more than the man” thing is still clearly such a problem in society, even if nobody wants to admit it. Kudos to Ryan for trying though, and Reese’s obvious abundance of patience. I hope they overcome it.

  16. i love reese witherspoon she is awesome i think her and ryan are sooo cute together and there movie cruel intentions is soo sweeeet i hope they stay together and make a cruel intentions 3!!!!!!!!!!

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