Reese Moved Down South?

December 20th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Liz Smith is claiming that Reese has taken her kids and exited La-La Land.

Thouroughly disgusted with both marriage and Hollywood, Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon believes firmly in her Southern roots. She has taken her children and moved to Charleston, S.C. Both kids are said to be in public school there.

This frees up Ryan and I to be seen out in public together in L.A. Thank christ, I was getting SO tired of having to meet at the Chateau Marmont, as he nervously kept glancing out the window and had to keep preventing a high Lohan from barging into our room. “She knows I’m here,” he kept muttering, as he tousled my hair,”she’s joyless and can detect whenever I’m happy”. As he gazed into my eyes, and casually scratched his washboard abs, I thought to myself – God, I hope she leaves him and takes the kids to South Carolina. Merry Christmas to me!

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By J. Harvey

  1. fuckparis&co

    go back to your rednecks and good riddance!

  2. liz

    I think you got this wrong.
    She’s moved to Nashville.

  3. Babs

    How do you know she moved to Nashville?

  4. Anonymous

    While Reese did grow up in Nashville, she and Ryan got married in Charleston, SC. I think she has family there also. So it is possible.

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