Reese Enjoying Some Afternoon Delight with Jake?


Rumors have been circulating of a possible reconciliation between Reese and ex-hubby, Ryan Phillippe, but it looks like they may have been a bit off-target, if Reese’s recent rendezvous with Jake Gyllenhaal are any indication of where her heart is at the moment. Last week, Reese decided to mix some business with pleasure when she booked a guest suite for herself at the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel. She met up with her “Rendition” co-star for a secret lunch date after a press event she attended for cosmetics company Avon. After their meet-up, the couple retired for the evening at Jake’s home in the Hollywood Hills, since Reese has a strict policy of no sleep-overs while the kids are at home. Reese does appear to be getting along swimmingly with Jake after their month-long break from one another and according to an inside source, any talk of a reconciliation between Reese and Phillippe is completely bogus.

“If any of her friends thought for a second that she was considering getting back together with that a–hole, they would all set up camp at her house to stop her!”

Even though J. Harvey has expressed a lust for both men, I have to say that Jake is both HOT and appears trustworthy, which beats out a sensual pucker every time for me.