Reese And Jake Might Be Over

June 21st, 2007 // 12 Comments


Were they officially together? All I ever saw was an on-set photo and then some pictures purporting to be of their SUV’s following each other. So unless their cars were screwing, I need more proof! Sources are saying that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal’s alleged romance seems to have cooled. She probably got tired of the constant talk about cycling. We get it, it’s an amazing experience – keep it to ya self. We’re sick of talk about pedals and the millionth time someone almost ran your ass over.

Reese Witherspoon had an evening of laughs and libations at L.A.’s La Terza on June 16 with pal Renée Zellweger and six other friends.

Missing? Beau Jake Gyllenhaal, 26. Though sources say the duo, who began dating in March (five months after her split from Ryan Phillippe, 32), had been getting serious in recent weeks – he bonded with her two kids and met her mom – Us Weekly has learned the couple have cooled.

What exactly happened is after the jump.

“She has either called it off or is just taking a break,” says a Witherspoon source.

The hitch? If may have been too much, too soon for the actress, 31, still smarting from her divorce.

“She cares for Jake, but the timing is crappy,” says the insider. “She doesn’t have enough emotional space for him right now.”

Jakey G was recently quoted as telling a friend that he’s “single”. And Reese? It’s Jake Gyllenhaal – you make emotional space. You make space in your head, your heart and your vagina. It’s Jake Gyllenhaal – it’s puppy dog eyes, and he’s softly speaking above swirly chest hair. I’d make room in my skull with a drill if he asked me to.

By J. Harvey

  1. “I’d make room in my skull with a drill if he asked me to.”

    A little intense I’d say.

  2. Bob Barker

    Relax, Mr. T.

    It’s called hyperbole. Chill tfo

  3. Char

    I’d have to agree… Reese, cut your losses and make room. The boy is gorgeous and seems sweet and that combination is so flippin’ rare. Rawr.

  4. T-bone

    Yeah – Reese PLEASE don’t tell me you’re still mourning the loss of one Ryan whatever-his-name-is when you can have Jake Gyllenhaal!!!! Please say it ain’t so!

  5. LoRider

    He’s queer as a footbal bat. Ride Lo

  6. T-bone

    LoRider – What proof have thee???

  7. Zekers

    I don’t know if you noticed this T-bone, but LoRider says that very thing quite frequently-”Queer as a football bat.” I’ve also noticed that LoRider doesn’t usually respond to anyone who comments on his/her comments. Maybe this time will be different…LoRider?

  8. T-bone

    Zekers – LoRider is very mysterious, but I like the fact that he/she ends every comment with “Ride Lo”. Makes me laugh.

  9. T-bone

    Hey Zekers – I haven’t noticed a lot of push-back on the AJ strings lately, since the FAKE T-BONE got the boot from the site (comments removed by the editors and such). I’m wondering if like 10 of those meanie usernames were actually that one person.

  10. Anon

    I think LoRider is as queer as a footbal bat.

  11. nanc'

    Shrinks & sociologists are saying that 26 is the new 20; that young adults now just aren’t maturing like they used to. Since Jake is only 26, he probably isn’t ready to take-on the two kids and the whole close,southern family thing that Reese has goin’ on. No real loss for either of them, I’m sure.

  12. Jamie

    I’m glad Reese is over it, because now Jake can realize that he’s in love with boys, or, specifically me.

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