Reese And Jake Creepin’

July 31st, 2007 // 5 Comments


Guess who’s still hangin’ out? That’s right – Jakey G and Reese! You thought that was over, dintcha? Nope. He hopped in her hoopdee and they sped away. I’m telling you, she’s uptight and he’s lowkey and showing her how to take three deep belly breaths, and do a body scan and go to her place of gladness. Phillipe was always out on the prowl, and it had her all tense.

Elusive Reese Witherspoon and spandex man Jake Gyllenhaal were caught in a rare moment outside Jake’s Hollywood Hills home, where Reese picked up the hot piece. The highly unpublic duo wore his n’ her sunglasses — but could not escape the glare of a paparazzo who snapped them. The sexy duo then sped toward Reese’s Brentwood home — what’s up with the supposed break up?

Maybe there’s more pressure when you’re full-on out there with your relationship. Look how pissed off and miserable JT and Jessica Biel look lately. And maybe they were just getting together to go do looping for the film they just shot together. A likely story. He’s all up in her area and I say, God bless. Maybe she’ll lighten the hell up.

More photos of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon going for a ride, after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. S_M_G

    You are so right J. Maybe someone as goofy and HOT as Jake can lighten her up. She bugs me with that “serious all the time except in movies” thing.

    I love me some Jake!

  2. green cardigan

    I like Reese. She’s a good actress, she’s pretty and the ex husband looks like a moody tosspot. She deserves someone nice.

    But Jake Gyllenwhatever? Isn’t he slightly limp wristed? He seems like the sensitive type, probably cries, talks about his feelings and talks about interior decoration. I dunno. Each to their own I suppose.

  3. lookwhaticando

    I love jake, don’t know if he’s,, Well you know, or not, but I still love him to death

  4. The only thing more exciting than the thought of these two together is working up a detailed schematic in my mind of an efficient and timely method of cutting my backyard with nail clippers…

  5. jax

    Srsly downgrade. Ryan brought the sexy.

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