Reese Witherspoon’s Unusual Family Drama!

Drama-Free Family Time
Witherspoon with her two kids on a peaceful Hawaii vacay.
Things might be rosy with Reese Witherspoon’s family, but it’s hard to say the same thing for her family right now!

Mary Witherspoon, Reese’s mother, is suing her husband/Reese’s dad, John, for– get this– bigamy. Yes, bigamy. Because apparently, he remarried girlfriend Tricianne Taylor but forgot to divorce this missus first. Uhh, oops?

Witherspoon doesn’t seem to have the same problem her dad seems to have:  she officially split from Ryan Phillippe in 2007, and married Jim Toth about a year ago. In comparison, Witherspoon’s family life seems pretty blissful; the glowing, soon-to-be mother of three was seen getting some fresh air with her dogs.

Hope the mess sorts itself out soon– pretty sure stress isn’t good for the baby!