Reese Witherspoon’s Cleavage Baring Swimsuit

Reese Witherspoon was spotted with her family in Hawaii soaking up the sun on the beach. The only time you will see this Oscar winning actress in a bathing suit is when she is riding the waves with her children. In 2004 this mother-of-two admitted to Vanity Fair that she was very self-conscious about her body and would not be seen on screen in a bathing suit.

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“I have cellulite. I have stretch marks. My breasts are not what they were before I breastfed two children. I’m all about trying to make movies that have nothing to do with my body,” explained Witherspoon. Well it’s 2011 now and this 35-year-old seems to be more comfortable in her skin! She is breaking out of her self-conscious shell with this sexy bathing suit and I love it!

I think Reese looks wonderful and she has a lovely family. Reese and her new husband Jim Toth have been spotted all over the world showing sweet public displays of affection! Since their wedding in April they have had two honeymoons.

Jim seems to be really good with Reese’s children Ava, 11, and Deacon, seven. I am happy for Witherspoon!