Reese Witherspoon To Record A Duet With Michael Buble? Music To Our Ears! [PHOTOS]

Reese stays fit
The pregnant actress goes on a jog.
Remember when Reese Witherspoon said she’d be taking time off for new motherhood? Well it looks like that plan has lasted all of 3 weeks.

The actress, who gave birth to her 3rd child, Tennessee James, just a month ago, is not only going to have to start her current job of acting back up again soon, but is also in talks to expand her job description to singing.

Witherspoon’s new movie, The Devil’s Knot is set to release next year, so it won’t be long before she starts promotion for that. And her other movie, Mud, which has a May 2013 release date, will also have to be promoted soon. So, with all of these projects in the works, why is Witherspoon looking to sing again? Let us not forget that she once said that recording music was “the most challenging, horrifying experience of her life.” Apparently, having a 3rd child has made her fearless!

According to reports, Witherspoon may be recording an album of her own, featuring a duet with none other than Michael Buble– someone who is quite at home on stage and in the recording studio. Maybe Buble will serve as a mentor for Witherspoon, from a seasoned singer to a new one. I can’t think of a better person to be mentored in by, honestly.

Witherspoon is not completely new to the recording studio, however. In 2005, the actress channeled her inner country singer to portray June Carter Cash in the movie On The Line, which she won an Academy Award for. She made her singing debut with 2 songs on the soundtrack. So she must have done something right!

These are still just rumors, so time will tell if it ends up being true. I, for one, wouldn’t mind hearing more Witherspoon in my iTunes, especially paired with the voice of Buble. I guess we’ll just have to see!

In the meantime, Witherspoon has spent her time around town running errands, while she still can. Check out the gallery to see Reese Witherspoon getting some shopping done at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.