Reese Witherspoon Is All Smiles As She Heads To Atlanta, Blames Baby Son For Memory Loss

April 29th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Reese Witherspoon clearly isn’t letting a little police drama get her down.

The Academy Award-winning actress was spotted at LAX yesterday (April 28), heading back to Atlanta, the sight of her now famous disorderly conduct arrest. Reese was all smiles as photographers snapped pictures and tried to ask her about her recent arrest.

Too bad that Reese wasn’t talking, only smiling. It’s cool though, cause we can now chalk up her “Do you know who I am!” to having a new baby brain. As Reese told British magazine Red, “Ever since I had the baby, I can’t remember anything. Serious, this child stole my brain.”

So you’re saying that all this craziness started after you gave birth to son, Tennessee Toth? Alright. If you say so. Reese continued, “I’m losing friendships over forgetting to get back to people,” she continues. “But you can’t keep up with everything. I’ve got a 13-year-old [Ava], a nine-year-old [Deacon] and a baby. It’s like CNN ticker tape running through my mind at all times…’Where is Ava? She’s okay. Good. Where is Deacon? He’s okay. Good. Where is Tennessee? Is he okay? Yes. Great. Back to Ava…’ It doesn’t stop.”

That does sound rather intense. Don’t worry, Reese. This too shall pass. For now, keep on smiling and I’m sure you’ll have all the folks back on your side in no time. Check out smiling Reese in the gallery and tell us how long you think before the world forgets her arrest in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

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