Reese Witherspoon Hides Face After Car Accident

Reese Witherspoon seems to be doing quite well after getting hit by a car recently while out on her morning run. According to MailOnline, Reese will not be pressing charges against the 84-year-old woman who hit. The woman apparently feels terrible and was cited with failure to stop for a pedestrian.

According to sources, Reese was shaken up by the incident as she has always been afraid of getting hit by a car. “The whole incident really frightened her. Now she’s just resting up. The odd thing about all of this is that Reese has always been very afraid of being hit by a car. It’s been an ongoing fear of hers. She is always the first person to pull people away from the edge of the curb.”

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Reese was spotted this weekend with husband Jim Toth attending church in Santa Monica. She covered up her bruised face with a pair of sunglasses and a super cute fedora. Sadly, Reese’s kids weren’t around for another perfectly dressed family moment.

What do you guys think of not pressing charges? I feel like it makes sense. What’s an 84-year-old woman got to give? Also, someone remind me to stop driving when I’m 84. Check out Reese’s covered up church look in the gallery and let us know what you think in the comments.