Reese Witherspoon Failed To Sell Magazines In 2011

Reese Is In Vogue
Reese Witherspoon strikes a pose and Vogues.
So which celebrities can sell fashion magazines? Apparently, not Reese Witherspoon.

While Reese may be lucky in love, seen her with her husband Jim Toth doing a little shopping on Christmas Eve, she is not lucky in print. Reese Witherspoon’s covers consistently marked below-average sales for Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour.

Actress Michelle Williams didn’t do so well for Vogue or Marie Claire, either. Others who failed to sell on the newsstand were Fergie and Brooklyn Decker. Justin Timberlake’s W cover with Amanda Seyfried, bombed, selling a mere 15,000 copies, the title’s second worst performer of the year. And then Timberlake’s solo cover for Esquire in October brought in a teeny 73,000 sales, its worst performer of the year.

So who sold well in 2011? Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, and Sarah Jessica Parker all did exceedingly well on newsstands. 

Sarah’s Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire covers were the second or third best-sellers for each publication; meanwhile, Heidi Klum’s Lucky and Glamour covers were both magazines’ second best performers, and Aniston gave Marie Claire its best-selling issue in July and turned out good numbers for her November Elle.