Reese Witherspoon Dines With Cameron Diaz & Gwyneth Paltrow In London, Comment’s On Justin Bieber Remaking ‘Fear’ [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

Reese Is In Vogue
Reese Witherspoon strikes a pose and Vogues.
There was a star studded dinner in London last night. Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney all dined together at The Arts Club in Mayfair last night (January 31).

The group left after midnight with Reese and Cameron leaving together out of the front door and getting into a car which took them back to Reese’s Mayfair Hotel. Their security had loaded the car boot with what appeared to be gifts from Stella McCartney’s collection before the girls came out. Gwyneth and Stella left at exactly the same time but out of the back door.

In a recent interview with MTV, Reese Witherpsoon learned that Justin Bieber is interested in remaking Reese’s film with Mark Wahlberg, Fear. Here was her humorous answer:

“Fine. Great. That would be cool. Would he be playing me or is he playing Mark Wahlberg?”

Watch the entire exchange.