Reese Witherspoon And Tennessee Stay Active And Healthy

Reese Witherspoon Pregnant
The star definitely has a baby bump! and it's growing!
There’s nothing we love more than our favorite celebrity moms out and about with their adorable kids, and these two are no exception!

Reese Witherspoon went out for the afternoon today with her son Tennessee in Brentwood, California. Despite having recently had a baby, Reese always looks fantastic, even in her casual jeans, jacket, and beanie ensemble. She’s one hip looking mom.

Reese is clearly including Tennessee in her active lifestyle, taking him to a baby class along with his nanny. I’m sure that was absolutely adorable. A whole bunch of cute little cali babies toddling around a playroom? I could look at pictures of that all day!

Even though Reese Witherspoon was present, the nanny seemed to be doing most of the work when it came to Tennessee. Oops. That’s ok, maybe it was because Reese really wanted to go and grab a green juice from Juice Makers. After her arrest related to drinking back in April, a healthy juice is exactly what she needs.

It’s good to see Reese is setting an example for her gorgeous family. Hopefully there will be plenty more mommy and baby (and potentially nanny) outings as Tennessee grows into his adorable little self. If her other kids are any indication, he’s going to be one beautiful child.