Red Hot Katy Perry Talks Unplugged Session & New Album

Showing off her considerable assets in a slinky red number at the Samsung Behold II launch event in Hollywood, Katy Perry is quietly gearing up for her next album.

Perry explains, “From the few songs that I’ve written so far, they are very honest, if not more honest than the last ones. But they are a little bit more mature…I know how to handle boys now.” She adds, “I’m hoping it’s going to be a bit more pop. Going on the road, that’s what I saw that I lacked in concert, was a little bit more movement.”

But before that, she’s got her MTV Unplugged session to talk about. The singer says of her recording, “It was the last real look I wanted to give on the record and show off some of the songs at their most simple, kind of at their most stripped down, at the skeleton, at the core of what some of them were written or how they were written.”

That dress is definitely evoking the whole “stripped down” feeling Katy’s talking about.

Watch the videos of Katy Perry performing “I Kissed A Girl” on MTV Unplugged after the jump.

Gallery Info: Katy Perry at the Samsung Behold II launch event in Hollywood.