Red Carpet Dazzlers and Duds: 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards

The MuchMusic Video Awards were mostly a tame affair, true to Canadian fashion. But the red carpet was certainly a spectacle. Check out our full gallery below!

The Dazzlers:

Kristin Cavallari looked stunning as always in a simple silver dress, and Emily Osment’s frock was delightfully fun. Despite his Rosie O’Donnell haircut, for which I can’t forgive him, Adam Lambert looked more dapper and subdued but playfully wore leopard print shoes that matched his tie. Meow! Despite being unable to walk in her shoes – which drives me nuts – Jessica Szohr’s outfit was pretty amay-may. Jacqueline Mcinnis looked straight up off the runway and I applaud that. Three Days Grace had their black and white theme going for them.

The Duds:

Ashley Greene looked gorgeous but I was not a fan of that chain-metal black/silver/gold dress. It looked like a suit of armor. And Bieber in teal pants? Nay. Blake McGrath (another dancer trying to be a singer) wore some weird spikey varsity jacket with no shirt, so anyone who didn’t know him would think he was from Jersey Shore. Katy Perry is always flawless in her look and most times she picks great outfits, but this blue dress looked shoddy and the fact that it tied up the side was not my cuppa tea. Liz Trineal, whoever that is, looked awful in her sci-fi body hugging dress. Whatever Whitney Port was wearing was atrocious and I feel she has a hard time finding things that compliment her height. 


Ke$ha in her giant fedora with what appeared to be a voodoo walking stalk. Kellan Lutz and Xavier Samuel rocked jeans and flannels and leather and aviators. Snooki was…well, she brought Snooki.