George Clooney, His Waitress, Among The Big Names On The Oscar Red Carpet This Year

February 25th, 2008 // 5 Comments

The boredom overpowering the ceremony itself began at the red carpet. Everyone kind of played it safe. The only really effed-up outfit on display was Daniel Day Lewis’ wife, Rebecca Miller. She wore some kind of crazy amulet that looked like it might have gotten torn off the My Little Pony playhouse. And even that wasn’t too over-the-top. Where was a Sally Kirkland in a big rainbow outfit when you needed her?

Clooney and his ladyfriend got the loudest cheers. It was amusing as everyone kept talking about how Palms cocktail waitress Sarah Larson is the luckiest ho in the kingdom for snagging him. Seriously, it’s like people expect her to be carrying around a large cardboard check and appearing on the evening news. Jennifer Garner looked lovely, despite compressed boobies and Gary Busey trying to rape her. Katherine Heigl aged it up, but I think she pulled it off.

Oh, I know an outfit that I hated. Jessica Alba’s stank self in the wine feathers. Ugh, pregnancy is no excuse and it couldn’t have happened to a stanker broad. Heidi Klum was auctioning her red dress off to help the cause for heart disease among ladies and is seriously devoted to her man, Seal. Cameron Diaz literally looked like she had just taken a pull off a j before exiting her car. She looked like the girlfriend in a “Cheech and Chong” movie.

And no one did anything ridic. I think the writer’s strike sucked the life out of people and they were just happy there was a prom this year.

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By J. Harvey

  1. I love Jennifer Garner’s and Heidi Klum’s dress :)

  2. Damnit, this soo stupid.
    When a woman or girl has NO TITS don’t wear dresses with shoulder-support(halters)!!
    When you’re blessed with a lot of meat like kim kardashian these kinds of dresses look horny.
    O.K. it’s a bit too horny for the OSCARS.
    But this way is just PATHETIC and SAD!!
    Angelina jolie would be just PERFECT for the dress!!!!

  3. justifymylove

    look like Jen Garner is dropping Starbucks cups from under her dress LOL
    She looks amazing! very elegant and classy. Funny how she said she could never pick something like that out herself :) I totally believe her :P
    George’s waitress has wore the most hideous dress I must say :( nothing against her.
    And I’m more concerned about what was on Jessica’s head than about her wine feathers.
    Btw, why would you be with a guy who’s name is Cash???

  4. quincy

    I happy for the waitress. She snagged George Clooney for f’ks sake. No one cares who she is wearing.

  5. T-Bone

    George Clooney is mediocre in every way. Why anyone fawns over this guy is beyond my comprehension.

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