Red White And Blue: Celebrities Don Olympic Themed Fashion

The Summer 2012 Olympics
How the royal family will be involved.
The Olympics are officially underway across the pond, which gives us mere mortals full right to celebrate our deep fried American pride by treating the next two weeks like an American themed costume party.

This can be done as subtly or as cheekily as you can handle.  Jessica Alba’s red maxi, white button-up and blue rimmed sunglasses are more of a nod to American pride in comparison to Willow Smith’s American flag platforms.

Rihanna and Avril Lavigne have been spotted sporting USA flag printed jeans (what could be more quintessentially American?) while Katy Perry looks like a walking fireworks display on the 4th of July in her patriotic ensemble.

Too much? Show America you love her with a patriotic statement color.  Blake Lively’s red Michael Kors pantsuit and Rose McGowan’s red lip certainly do the trick.

Take a look at more patriotically dressed celebrities in our gallery above!