‘Red Riding Hood’s’ Hottie: Max Irons

Introducing a new reason to see the new movie Red Riding Hood, Max Irons. The son of oscar-winner Jeremy Irons, this 25 year old Londonite seemed to really enjoy filming a new take of the famed fairy tale. At the Premiere in Los Angeles at Grauman’s Chinese Theater (above), Max revealed insights about the film and its relation to the original fairy tale’s themes.

“‘Red Riding Hood’ is not about a little girl scampering through a wood in a red cape,” Irons said. “It’s a warning to girls, essentially saying don’t stray off the path or, metaphorically, you’re going to meet the wolf. We live in a time when we have sex education classes, in those days they didn’t. Psychologically, this darkness goes in. I think what Catherine [Hardwicke]’s done is build upon those dark themes inherently, she’s built a movie around that.”

On The Red Carpet.com reports, “Red Riding Hood is co-produced by actor Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who helmed the first Twilight film”.

PHOTOS: The Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Red Riding Hood’

Irons also explains how both the the movie and Brother’s Grimm tale portray paranoia. “You see this closely knit society and you see the effects of someone coming in and just throwing a little bit of fear into a society and watching how easily manipulated they are and how it will tear itself apart as a result. I think that applies to the world we live in.” All these undertones makes me want to examine and re-examine both portrayals with a new idea in mind. Especially with Max in the picture!