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Who’d You Rather? Jesse Spencer Or Taylor Kinney Suited Up On The Red Carpet

January 16th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Y’all, I am just all about men in suits today–especially when they’re two very hot men like Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney.

The Chicago Fire co-stars hit the red carpet today for day two of NBCUniversal 2015 press tour. They’ve got some shows they are plugging hard. Luckily, Chicago Fire is a hit with the added hotness of Jesse and Taylor, so I think they’re good.

But this isn’t about building up Jesse and Taylor’s egos–it’s about pitting them against each other and seeing which one comes out on top!   Read More »

Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans And Chris Pratt Lead The Hot Dudes Charge At The Critics’ Choice Awards

January 16th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Listen, we all know the Critics’ Choice Awards are essentially a joke, but at least they’re a very attractive joke!

A slew of Hollywood’s hottest men hit the red carpet last night for the award show, and leading the charge were the Chris-es of the Marvel Universe: Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt.

Seriously, has Marvel engineered some sort of crazy, Hot Chris project? Cause whatever they’re doing, I’m buying. Currently I’m going through a Hemsworth phase, but after reading about Pratt this morning, I might have to switch.  Read More »

Just Because: Chris Pine Managed To Look Hot While Announcing The Oscar Nominations At 5:30 In The Morning

January 15th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

I don’t know about you guys, but I am not my best at 5:30 in the morning.

Of course, I don’t have a crew of professionals helping me get ready as I’m sure Chris Pine did. But it’s still a testament to the Pine that he managed to look so good while announcing the Oscar nominations at 5:30 Pacific Time this morning.

He flashed a few smiles, sometimes looked serious and showed off a new hairstyle. I like this slicked-back look better than the in-his-face one.   Read More »

Prince Harry Is Hanging Out With NBA Players And Joining Twitter

January 14th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

He’s just your totally normal, everyday guy! Except that he’s fourth in line to be King of England. (He is 4th, right?)

Prince Harry was being his handsome self in London today alongside NBA players Carmelo Anthony and Dikembe Mutombo at the Coach-Core gradation, a program that aims to train sports coaches for work within their communities. Aww, now isn’t that lovely.

It’s a new partnership the young royals have. If you’ll recall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed an NBA game in New York, so I guess it started then. Speaking of the young royals…  Read More »

Cristiano Ronaldo Won This Year’s FIFA Ballon D’Or To Add To His Ever-Growing Collection

January 12th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Oh hey Cristiano Ronaldo! Congratulations!

The Real Madrid player has plenty of reasons to celebrate today as he was won the FIFA Ballon d’Or for 2014. Yes, that means players, coaches and journalists thought Mr. Ronaldo was last year’s best player.

I don’t know a lot about sports, but I do know he was definitely last year’s hottest player. (See here for the evidence.)   Read More »

David Gandy Shows Off His Fashion Sense With An Array Outfits During London Collections: Men

January 12th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

So. Much. David Gandy. Honestly, I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of the beauty.

Socialite Life’s favorite male model was all over the red carpet and the fashion shows this weekend for London Collections: Men. That title still confuses me, but I assume it’s just a mens fashion week thing.

Whatever it is, it means that David Gandy goes around giving us all the sartorial porn we could want. Bless you, sir.  Read More »