Record Label Thinks Amy Winehouse’s New Album Sucks

Amy Winehouse traded in the bug-infested soul sistah beehive for mangy, insect-ridden dreads. All the Caribbean, ghanja-smoking got Amy in touch with her inner Bob Marley, and the record label is none too pleased about the reggae-inflected sounds on her third album.

A source told The Sun that while Amy was a super “productive” in St. Lucia, most of the songs written “aren’t hitting the mark.”

“She seems to have ditched her trademark vintage soul sound and is now heavily
influenced by reggae. Her bosses don’t think it’s a wise move to change her
style so sharply and have told her that.”

We’re not so sure about this previous “style” they speak of. A dazed, stoned Amy sounds like a fresh breath of moocah air compared to the strung out London street rat of yesteryear.

Regardless, the label thinks this mellower Amy will be too confusing to her fans.

“It’s crucial Amy’s return is handled properly.

“If she puts out a record that is in any way half-baked, that could severely
damage her long-term prospects, so everyone’s focus at the minute is getting
it right, even if that means telling Amy some things she probably won’t want
to hear.”

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