Record Label Nightmare: Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’

September 2nd, 2010 // 2 Comments

Despite her massive singles being on the radio all summer, Katy Perry‘s new album Teenage Dream only sold 192,000 copies in its first week in stores. That was enough to take it to number one, but what gives? Why is the woman with probably the summer’s biggest song unable to move records?

Entertainment Weekly thinks that the simple answer is that Perry is overexposed. And they make a good point in saying that nearly everyone who has liked either of the two singles off this album thus far already bought them as mp3s, so why would they buy the album?

And that’s my point. Katy Perry is a singles kind of artist. She’s not a record kind of person. But having heard all of her album, I think it’s fair to say there are lots of catchy songs on the album which do end up getting stuck in your head. And that’s because each one was built to radio-play perfection.

So while the numbers aren’t great, if she takes a page out of Rihanna‘s book (or hell, anyone these days), just keep plugging songs out from the same album and eventually your album becomes less ‘brand new songs’ and more ‘greatest hits.’

But, she’s still all smile, as you can see with her fans outside Radio One studios in London and she oughta be…

By Justin Thompson

  1. Stephanie

    I LOVED her first CD and waited patiently for this one to be released (why did it take her 2 years?!). When I first heard the CD it was disappointing, as most of the songs have the same beat in the background. Now I love the CD. I don’t know why she has released several songs already as singles, whereas with her first CD there was much longer in between songs being released.

  2. Sarkany

    She sucks.

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