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August 21st, 2004 // 7 Comments

The blogroll just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I just keep getting more entertained. If you haven’t done so before, please visit them, read them, revisit them.

Here are some witty, eloquent, rude, caustic, sensitive, childish blogs that are must reads:

bloody sheets
Lusty Lady
Nichelle Newsletter
Old Hag
The Young Curmudgeon
Zero Interrupt

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. amyfisher

    i’d like to but the links don’t work.

  2. Miu

    I had a blond moment, the links are now working.

  3. lulu

    great additions. lusty lady is a fun read before a saturday night out.

  4. Thanks for adding (and enjoying, unless you meant mine is caustic and childish) my blog – it’s much appreciated, and I’ve added a link back to you. :)

  5. Yes! Thanks. I’m in touch with the inner child in me, so I am figuring mine’s underage. :-)

  6. Thank you. Illustrious company.

  7. so honored to be added…love your site! thanks!

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