Recapist Recapper Feature: Gossip Girl

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This is the third in a series of features on Recapist recappers professing their love for their shows.

By Ran Cansely

Why do I love recapping Gossip Girl? Because way down deep, I’m shallow.

The scenery’s great, and I’m not just talking about all those Manhattan location shots. The girls of Gossip Girl are pretty, but the boys are even prettier. Plunk them down on the steps of the Met, or outside Bendel’s department store, and they’re like a picture-postcard of dissolute youth…with great grooming and fabulous clothes. It’s Sex And The City: The Next Generation.

It’s a hyper-reality where a high school kid can get served a martini at the Palace Hotel bar, where teenagers take limos to clubs on a weeknight, and nobody blinks when a girl waits at a helipad for someone to take her to Paris. It’s not my life, in other words, or yours either, probably, but it’s fun to visit now and then. It’s even more fun since I get to poke at it with a stick via my recaps. I get to commiserate with the parents (when they bother to show up), and chastise the young whippersnappers when they get into trouble (which is pretty much constantly).

More of Ran Cansley’s ode to Gossip Girl is after the jump.

I get to verbally lick Nate Archibald, the golden boy stoner with the gorgeous lips and delectable hipbones. I get to call Serena van der Woodsen on her flightiness, Blair Waldorf on her bitchiness, and Dan Humphrey on his doofiness. I get to sit back and watch Chuck Bass flounce his way across the screen, eye-fucking just about everybody who crosses his path — male or female — and then I get to call him on his shitty behavior towards his friends.

At the heart of Gossip Girl — and there is a heart, make no mistake — is the concept of friendship. What does it mean to be a friend? How much do you deserve? How much will you forgive? It’s the swaying rhythm of friendship, the ebbs and flows, that interests me, and keeps me coming back for more.

Well, that and all that pretty.

Gossip Girl returns to the CW with the first of five brand spankin’ new episodes on Monday, April 21 at 8/7 PM. To catch up on all the Gossip so far, read my recaps!

By Michael Prieve

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