Rebounds Abound

Justin Timberlake has been enjoying his swinging single status since his break-up with Cameron Diaz. And doesn’t plan on settling down any time soon. People reports that Timberlake has been enjoying the company of Jessica Biel as of late. The two were seen snowboarding at Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival with a group of friends. However, Justin has no intention of tying himself down to any one woman just yet.

Says a source: “He is in no way looking to be in a relationship. He’s single and he’s happy.”

In other words, there’s still lots of untapped celebrity booty he’s hoping to explore. And Justin’s ex, Cameron, isn’t sitting around at home waiting by the phone. She’s acquired herself some man-candy to help her through the grieving process and has been spotted in Hawaii surfing with Kelly Slater. Sounds like everyone’s getting laid and over it. Eventually, we will too.