Rebecca Black Wants Us To Know That She CAN Sing

Oh, Rebecca Black.  Bless your 13-year-old heart for wanting to break away from that auto-tone stigma that plagues you so.  For you are more than just some average teenager who’s mother plunked down $4,000 so you could live out your dream of becoming the next (slightly) big thing.

The Associated Press sat down with Black and her mother, Georgina Kelly to get to know the “Friday” singer.  After scoring more than 118 million hits on Youtube, Black is ready to sing her little heart out for real.  She admits that the video made her sound like a robot, but insists that she actually has pipes. Ehhh, probably not.

“I don’t want to be known as the `Friday’ girl. Hopefully, I can be known as Rebecca Black and not the `Friday’ girl. I want to be a performing artist. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

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With school winding down for the year, Black is looking forward to releasing her first album.  She recently signed a contract with music producer Charlton Pettus, who’s worked with Hilary Duff and Clay Aiken and is eager for people to hear her voice.  She told the AP, “I want to see everyone’s opinion of my actual voice.”  Are you sure?

Once the sales start rolling in from her Friday single (currently #64 on Itunes), Black says she’s going to splurge on an Iphone.  Her old phone crapped out after being flooded with messages.  Might I suggest she save that money for minute 14:59?  Girlfriend’s gonna need a nest egg once the album tanks.  I’m not being mean, I’m being realistic.

Ok, I’m being a little mean.

Black got dressed up in a white dress and coral wedges for the premiere of Walt Disney’s Prom at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood last Thursday.