Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” Is Crap. Pure Crap. [VIDEO]

July 18th, 2011 // 13 Comments
Rebecca Black Released New Single My Moment

Well, folks.  It’s here.  You remained vigilant through carmageddon and heat waves, knowing all the while that Rebecca Black‘s “My Moment” video would be released today.  Here it is, proving to us all that pretty much anyone with a couple thousand dollars and a video camera can reach for the stars.

“My Moment” isn’t the auto-tone sludge we heard not so long ago, but it’s pretty f***ing generic.  Generic and predictable and self-indulgent.  This girl didn’t work her ass off to obtain her “moment.”  Her mother paid out of pocket to buy her fame.  Boooooo.

VIDEO: Rebecca Black Talks To Good Morning America

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. Liane

    I dunno, I thought it was cute. What do you expect from a 14 year old? She ain’t no Paul Simon.

  2. Eliza


  3. John Marquez

    I wanna cut her bangs!!!!!!! PERIOD. LOL. :p

  4. Janette

    “Pure crap” does it justice. It’s pretty terrible.

  5. Ashley

    the only reason this song is getting any attention at all is because it follows the ridiculousness that was “friday.” So either this girl is just a nutter with rich parents, or she’s a complete genius

  6. Jennifer B

    It is CRAP.

  7. lila

    fridays was worst than this. though i agree it’s generic

  8. lila

    even she doesnt know how to say MY and says ma moment lol

  9. robert

    can this girl, like, DO anything?

  10. antisaint

    Uh… This is drowning in autotune. For the record.

  11. JimLiu

    Suond ok to me, You’re just a jealous twat.

  12. flapjacker

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this but Friday is better.

  13. Tiffany

    I need to go listen to Led Zeppelin to clean my ears.

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