Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’: We So Excited

Once in awhile a song comes around that makes you angry.  It’s so bad that it frustrates you to think that people actually want to listen to such drivel.  I recently experienced that familiar feeling with Rebecca Black’s mish-mosh (“song” is a strong word) “Friday” that come complete with its own music video.  It’s what a talentless classmate would put together and make everyone sit through.

We start off counting the days of the week, then we’re introduced to the “singer,” 13-year-old Black who’s been convinced that she’s the next big thing.  What pops up on our screens for the next three minutes and fourty-seven seconds takes you back to that sad classmate’s video, and you ask yourself: “Is she serious?” Black enunciates “Friday” as if the viewer can only read lips, and the lyrics were definitely written by a fifth grader on the cusp of puberty.

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The most irritating part about this is that no one can tell if the song is a parody or not.  E! attempted to investigate the matter, but came back fruitless.  The song was put out by “Ark Music Factory,” but no one is certain it exists.  Calls made by E! to the company went unreturned and it seems company heads are not giving interviews about the craptastic song captivating morons the world over (present company included.  I hate myself).  In a nutshell, we don’t have a clue if this song is legitimate or not, but the suspense seems to be killing everyone.

Things That Really Chapped My Ass

Black’s background vocals.  Just stop.

“Fry-Day.” Say that to yourself in the mirror.  You look ridiculous, right?

I spotted a blemish on Black, which means there wasn’t much money in the budget for more than a pot of Maybelline.

“Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.” You don’t say!

See for yourself what all the buzz is about after the jump.  The song is awful, but you’ll be humming it today.