Rebecca Black To Release New Music Video For Single, “My Moment”

Brace yourselves, ’cause in seven days Rebecca Black will make our ears bleed and our brains go “BOOM” with her new single, “My Moment.”  The music video, billed as “a fairytale story, but it happened in real life,” will show clips of Black’s life before “Friday” and her rise to “fame” (we use that word loosely, as it has lost its luster).  According to CNN, the single will be available for download next Monday night and on iTunes next Tuesday.  We’re guessing it won’t be as popular as “Friday,” regardless of whether Lady Gaga called her a genius.  Hopefully Black enjoyed her digital billboard party at La Brea and San Vicente in Los Angeles back in April, cause lightning probs won’t strike twice.

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Charlton Pettus, who wrote the theme song for The Sims 3, produced the single and Brandon “Blue” Hamilton wrote the gem (he also wrote a song for Justin Bieber) along with Quinton Tolbert.  Oh, and Black will release an EP with five new songs next month.  Just in time for your long drive come Labor Day Weekend.  God Bless America.