Rebecca Black Presents New Music Video For ‘In Your Words’ [VIDEO]

We So Excited
Check out Rebecca's first single, Friday!
My Moment
Rebecca Black's second mediocre single.
If You Don't Succeed
Is third time the charm for Rebecca Black?
“Friday” was a bit of a train wreck, just like “My Moment”, so this song should follow suit, right? Rebecca Black released a few singles a year ago, which were monumental disasters. They both went viral and not because they were amusing or good quality. The music video for her first single was removed due to the amount of dislikes they had on it.

Since then, it has resurfaced and gained about the same amount of dislikes.

Just like any other person who has previously listened to her songs, I was dreading the release of this single. Everyone has been dreading the release of her album because it’s set to come out December 21, 2012. Ironically, that’s the end of the Mayan calender.

Could her atrocious album be the reason for the end of the world?

People were thinking that, but after “In Your Words”, I’m not so sure. This song was pleasantly surprising. It could easily become a hit if viewers and listeners actually give her a chance.

I’ve found myself listening to this song and dancing around a little bit. The lack of autotune is forgiving and a breath of fresh air.

You all know my thoughts on the video. Now it’s your turn! Watch the video above and then comment below and let us know what you think!