Rebecca Black Performs Live But Not Well [VIDEO]

You know, I feel for Rebecca Black. Think about it: you’re think little 13 year old girl, your parents pay a bunch of money so you can star in a music video that is really only meant to be amusing and less about getting you in the business, and then bamb you’re this YouTube sensation and everyone hates you and is sending you death threats.

I’m not saying Rebecca is talented, I just feel bad. Well, less bad since I watched her performance on America’s Got Talent from Thursday night. Check out the video of the performance after the jump! Rebecca did a mashup of “My Moment” (remember, the one that was even crappier than “Friday”) and “Friday.” The performance was…a lot off key, but she tried! Maybe she’s not singing in the right voice type? She could be a soprano trying to do alto and it ain’t working.

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The Hollywood Reporter writes that Rebecca recently left her school due to bullying. Her mom, a teacher, has been home schooling her so that Rebecca can focus on her career. Really? Bitches need to bully? Wasn’t this girl bullied enough via internet comments? What am I saying, I just said she can’t sing. It’s a cruel, cruel world.

Good luck Rebecca! I mostly believe in you. I’ll say this, she’s got a cute little smile–the gallery definitely agrees with that. Make sure to check out the video of her America’s Got Talent performance after the jump, then tell us what you think in the comments.