Rebecca Black Brings Her Musical Talent To Australia [VIDEO]

September 27th, 2011 // 7 Comments

Australian tech company Telstra was dumb enough to pay Rebecca Black to endorse their brand and help introduce the country to 4G.  Using the campaign slogan, “The Fun Has Just Begun,” Telstra flew Black down to Sydney to “sing” a few of her “hits.”  And by sing, we mean “press play on the Ipod and watch her lip sync.” Unsurprisingly, I was more entertained by the little whippet in sunglasses than I was by Black’s tragic sing-along.

I almost feel sorry for the idiot teens who jammed along to “Friday.”  Why are you encouraging her?

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Check out a video Black’s stand-and-pretend-to-sing performance after the jump.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. boing

    I work in a studio and around sound etc. I listened to the live Sydney recordings, and they ARE absolutely LIVE. They also include small mistakes, errors, laughter etc. It doesn’t match up with the studio version, so it’s not being helped either. Way to go Rebecca!

  2. Rebecca Black Appearance Telstra Sydney Friday
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    RB keep it… up.. u r the rising star….have a great moments….

  3. RB is awesome…..great keep it up….

  4. Rebecca Black Appearance Telstra Sydney Friday
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    she so cute RB!

  5. Metal Head For life

    ok well from the sounds and looks of the video it is clear as day if not clearer than that, that she is lip syncing. It also sounded like some other artist took her song sung it them selves and that is what you hear playing in the back ground. I say this because at 16 seconds in when she says Friday that voice doesn’t match up with the studio version sound of the song nor does it match the sound of rebecca’s voice without auto tune. Which you can hear her voice without auto tune on YouTube if you watch the vid of her performing the song Friday on america’s got talent. So to me and i’m sure to anyone else it’s pretty damn clear that Rebecca isn’t actually singing in this vid nor is that the actually studio version of the song playing in the back ground. It is really nothing more than lip sync and song voice over.

  6. Rebecca Black Appearance Telstra Sydney Friday
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    She is so gorgeous, its a shame she is only 14.

  7. Jennifer B

    Her musical talent? Hah. That’s a good one. She has none.

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