Reasons Number 679 And 680 For Hating Reality Television

October 20th, 2005 // 21 Comments

Bobby Trendy and Brittny Gastineau. Alright, I kind of get the appeal of the train wreck that Bobby Trendy is – he’s campy. Obnoxious campy, but campy nonetheless. Now Brittny Gastineau, I have no explanation for. She’s not even that pretty.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mimi

    I hate reality tv and everyone associated with it. Its just SO OVER!!!!!

  2. Your Mom

    Reality TV is the WORST “innovation” ever. I’m ready for it to go the hell away. The worst ones of all are the ones where spoiled rich people get followed around so we can see how “normal” they are. Case in point…that bitch right there. And reality TV allows oxygen theives like Bobby Trendy to validate (in their own mind) their “celebrity”. I can’t take it anymore!! Whatever happened to sitcoms (that don’t SUCK) and news magazines?

  3. fat marykate

    ew who is she?!

  4. Chrissy

    I think Brittny is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. doofus

    I never understood why “gastineau girls” was put on TV.

    the ONLY reason they’re even “famous” is due to their last name, which Mommy Gastineau refused to give up when she divorced the former football star.

    the mother at least is tolerable, but the daughter (pictured above) is SO FREAKIN’ ANNOYING.

    talk about a waste of space who would be NOTHING without her “famous” name! she wants SO badly to be a model (because she has no discernable talents or smarts) and yet she’s not very pretty…nor did her first “shots” turn out very well. totally spoiled and totally whiny about everything.

    she makes Paris look like Meryl Streep. well, maybe I shouldn’t go THAT far, but you get the idea.

    I did watch the show a couple of times (I guess I was initially curious) but I simply cannot watch it anymore. besides the “stars” being unbelievable vapid, the show is BORING.

  6. meddy

    i am a reality tv whore but i can not stand the Gastineau chick!!

  7. Krystyn

    her body is smoking hot, but she’s got a bit of a butta face no?

    And remember Bobby Trendy from Anna Nicole’s show? LOL, that cracked me up.

  8. nobody

    she’s a pair of tits, and a name… women hate her more than men, she’s useless, either way.

  9. at least Paris is fun.

  10. anon

    This girl is NOBODY….she’s a wanna-be-attention-whore………and I agree, she is not very pretty

  11. Go Big Blue

    Brittany Gastineau (and her mom) are not even pretty. Brittany is a butt-her-face, her body is nice and tight though. But she is still not model pretty, just average at best. Brittany looks better than kim stewart and bird nose paris though.

  12. jenn

    brittny is hot actually

  13. happy hour

    Britney was pretty much non-existant on “Filthy Rich Cattle Drive”. Put her in a room with other fame-craving rich kids and she totally disappears.

  14. caro

    i never understood how gastineau girls had so much money…i mean, he was a FOOTBALL PLAYER for god’s sake…did he come from money or something? someone please explain! thanks!

  15. Silasdog

    These two are not grom reality TV, they’re from SUR-REALITY TV. One is a flamer because anything gay is popular on TV. And, gee, he can look like like Liberace’s last lover and still talk intelligently about art – such sophistication! And the bimbo, as Nobody said, is just another pair of breasts for guys to drool for and flat babes to hate. Trash at is annoying best.

  16. K.Marie

    Her eyebrows bother me.

  17. Kathryn

    Brittny is pretty in that pretty girl walking down the street way. But model pretty, I don’t think so. I actually saw the episode with her mom’s friend or something and a photo shoot on the boat and she was a complete bitch. Someone should tell her she needs to actually wait to get famous before she gets the attitude. Also, what kind of idiot get a deep tissue massage, knowing that she’ll get bruises, the day before a photo shoot?

  18. netty

    Britney is sooo annoying. The reason why they became a reality show is because they needed the money. Her mom is such a lazy ass rich bitch, cant get a job on her own.

  19. anonymous

    It’s actually worse that mentioned here – there’s a woman in Bobby Trendy’s show named Victoria Rowe, who’s a ‘celebrity makeup artist’ and she’s getting her own reality show as well.

    When will it stop?

  20. Brittny has a great body, but not a very pretty face.

  21. Weiner Roast


    LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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