Reasons Why LEGO Is The Best Company [VIDEO]

Check out this adorable kitty and a new toy.
Many companies have poor customer service, but LEGO has proved they aren’t one of them.

Little James Groccia, who has Asperger’s,  wanted an Emerald Night Train set from the popular company. His parents told him he could have it, but only if he saved up the money for it. Two years later and he finally had the $100 needed. Unfortunately, it was already discontinued.

The distraught boy decided to send a letter to the company telling them how dedicated he was to getting the product, and how much he loved the toys.

About a month after the letter was sent, Lego sent him the toy he desired, which is totally cool and so nice! No one in his household knew it was coming so it was really a surprise for all of them.

Check out the video above to see their priceless reactions!

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