Reason Number 232 Not To Marry With A Prenup

Ellen Barkin has learned this lesson the hard way. While she is set to walk away with $20 million for five years of marriage (she is married to billionaire Ron Perelman, and she earned every penny), she was this close to receiving a larger settlement. That was, until Ron filed for divorce “out of the blue.”

Perelman isn’t the first loaded Lothario to love ‘em and leave ‘em with convenient fiscal timing.

In 2001, Tom Cruise left Nicole Kidman just one month shy of their 10-year anniversary. The Hollywood couple didn’t have a prenup; instead, under California law, Cruise was required to pay alimony for half of the length of time the marriage lasted. Had the parents of Isabella, then 8, and Connor, then 6, made it past a decade, Cruise would have had to shell out savings for the rest of Kidman’s life, or until she remarried.

Four years earlier, Donald Trump trumped his second wife, Marla Maples, by filing for divorce just weeks before their fourth anniversary. Had they survived the date, Maples would have netted millions more. Instead, it took two years of legal wrangling before she finally walked away with the sum dictated by the couple’s original prenup: $2 million and child support for their daughter Tiffany.

It seems like the whole marriage thing is really treated like more of a contract than a life choice with the super rich.

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