Reason #915890 Fergie Is GROSS

October 11th, 2005 // 17 Comments

Whopper.jpg fergie-black-eyed-peas-elle-girl.jpeg

It’s days like this I wish I knew PhotoShop.

Black Eyed Peas pin-up Fergie must have an aversion to airline grub – even in business class. While on tour in Australia the 30-year-old boarded a flight in Brisbane with 12 Whopper burgers and fries for her crew. Sources tell us that within minutes the 767 aircraft was stinking of greasy grub – and she and her mates didn’t even eat the feast. A passenger revealed: “Most of them were in business class with plenty of food being served, so why they needed hamburgers was beyond me. Fergie took two bites and fell asleep with the burger on her lap.” She’s all class, that one.


She looks like her crotch smells.


  1. bratbastid

    we found out a couple of weeks ago she was a classy broad when she wet her pants on the dancefloor

  2. Fabiola

    what is with that lip liner?!?!!?! EW!!!!

  3. erica


  4. Matty

    she looks like she’s auditioning for the part of The Joker in the next Batman movie in that pic

  5. Momontop

    Does she kinda look like Kirstie Alley? Not sure who’ll be more upset by that comment… They’re both attractive in that “I look like a cartoon of my former self” kind of way… But Kirstie did drop 50 pounds, which is no small task. I still can’t figure out why Fergie is an it-girl. Please. She’s not that great a singer.

  6. Vanessa

    I thought she kind of looked like Melanie Griffith in that picture too

  7. MIMI

    the only reason she gets any respect is because she happens to be the only girl in a pretty cool hip hop group, but honestly , before that she has been around for a while ( WILD ORCHID- a cheesey 90′s group), and nobody really gave a f#ck about her before. what I really want to know is DOES JOSH DUHAMEL REALLY THINK SHES HOT? He is a babe, she is reaaly lucky. Also, she wishes she were Gwen Stefani

  8. alexis

    does anyone else kind of think she looks like the burger king? i thought that’s why the pictures were there at first.

  9. mel

    ive seen them in concert and theres no doubt about her vocal talent but damn baby..she looks like a man!

  10. Serious

    You’re all crazy. I’d eat the shit out of her peanuts and slurp the juice from the pants she pissed in onstage.

  11. olive

    Serious, I just threw up in my mouth

  12. Simple_Tina

    MIMI, you are absolustely right!! Everything about Fergie is gross. I feel bad for Josh if he has to see that hideous leather face in the morning…..

  13. Sage

    But what’s with the crotch smell comment?

  14. Princess Yoji

    She is disgusting.
    Trailer park trash.
    No class.
    Is she only 30 yrs? More like 45-50 yrs. to me.

  15. Sophia

    she CANNOT sing “live” even if her life depended on it. she barely sings on the BEP tracks. she’s just there for eye candy but in THAT pic? jack nicholson looked better in his Joker get-up

  16. Miri

    Black eyed peas is fuckin pop, not hiphop. Fergie can’t sing, looks like Kristie Alley on meth and dresses like a 12 y old hooker.
    And yeah that lipliner..
    Girl Please.

  17. fergie

    i think shes awesome!

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