“Real World:San Diego” Star Dies

Frankie Abernathy was the punk rock chick on “The Real World: San Diego”. Remember she was the one scared of boats? She passed away last Saturday evening. She had cystic fibrosis but no offical cause of death has been named.

“It was very sudden,” her mother said. “It wasn’t something that was expected. She was doing fine, and we really don’t know very much yet. It still was kind of a shock, and it just wasn’t how we figured things would go. It seems like her little body just gave out.”

Abernathy was living in Wisconsin and working as a purse designer. If you remember, she left mid-“Real World” season in 2003 after she was revealed as a “cutter” and used a kitchen knife on herself. Can you blame her? I’d want off that ark too. That show has sucked since they stopped letting ugly people be on it and making everyone find their own jobs. It hasn’t been the real world since goddamn San Francisco. Now it’s all sluts and Abercrombie models in hot tubs with the occasional gay thrown in. Ugh.