Real NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel Dated A-Rod? Really?

Bethenny Frankel – our favorite coupon-cutting New York City Real Housewife  — has something in common with Madonna.

Apparently, right around the time Madge was luring A-Rod into her spiritual Venus Flytrap and he was claiming they were “just friends” Bethenny was bragging to her friends about hot Alex Rodriguez sleepovers.

“Three months ago, all Bethenny could talk about was A-Rod,” along with
a few intimate details we can’t print here (ed note: the NY Daily News is a spiteful tease) “But it’s not happening
anymore,” the pal said. “A-Rod cut it off.”

Ouch. Perhaps Alex used the word “diet” or grew tired of her Real Housewife impressions. It’s anyone’s guess.

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